Wellington Country Club

San 39-9, Dumi-ri, Moga-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, KoreaView on map

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  • :27
  • :108
  • :3668/3565/3709
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  • :Raymond Heon, Song Ho, No Juntaek
  • :2013.09

Course Introduction

Wellington Country Club, the golf club located at Moga-myun, Icheon-shi, Gyeonggi-do, reminds us a secret garden with its grand club house and environment-friendly courses. Just like the word Wellington which has the meaning of a sacred place with divine blessing’, golf courses named after animals of the European mythology are comfortable resting places on the basis of the outstanding natural scenery. We visited the Wellington Country Club, an environment-friendly golf club with natural flow of holes, evergreen fairway and the best courses, which fully contains our company’s technology and corporate culture and is operated with a limited number of members.
Value of the Wellington Country Club is found at many places of the course. The natural beauty was expressed maximally by saving the original appearance of the landscape as well as the land, and holes were distributed through consideration of topography with charming sense of space added. The design connecting from the teeing ground to fairway, green and nearby trees into one is the trace showing this effort.
The grass quality is also highly acclaimed as a differentiated element which is the result of our company’s technology-intensive consideration; Korean grass and western grass were mixed to keep fairway evergreen and make balls float on the grass. This work requires careful harmony-technology because these two spices die when their roots get tangled. Our company was able to find the golden ratio after a two-year period experiment and make the course everybody admires. The beautiful harmony between the two spices is reflected to colors changing each season and this is evaluated to raise joy of golf even higher.
The Wellington Country Club has a big double-headed eagle coat of arms. The double-headed eagle that they say had been drawn in the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire at the reign of Frederick II and in the coat of arms of the Austria-Hungary Empire is a symbol of governing over both the present world and spiritual world, meaning harmony of material and soul.  
The total golf course is comprised of the following 3 courses of Griffon (3,668 yard) Phoenix (3,565 yard) and Wyvern (3,709 yard), each of which is the name of an animal in the European mythology; Griffon is an imaginary animal with a lion body and an eagle head and Phoenix is the immortal bird that resurrects from death and gives hope. And, Wyvern is the guardian fire-dragon. The Wellington Country Club has exotic images strengthened by these unique names and its details are more attractive as we know them more. 

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