BaiGolf Booking Policy

Credit Guarantee

BaiGolf payment system ensures the confidentiality of your personal information and payment transaction when booking online. You can trade with BaiGolf by one of the following ways:
• Paying online by using CUP, PayPal and Alipay available on our website. We will not save your bank account information.
• Or give detailed information to BaiGolf by contacting our customer service center on the phone.

Reservation Guarantee

Guests booking the golf course through BaiGolf can get our booking guarantee. BaiGolf will ensure you can play golf if the order is confirmed. From your reservation to the moment that you start playing, our staff will continue to track the status of the Tee Time, making sure that you can have a good play. If the Tee Time you booked successfully is not available or no longer acceptable by the course, or the scheduled program does not match the confirmation sheet we gave to you, please contact the Customer Service Center promptly on the phone. Specialist of BaiGolf Customer Service will consult with the course to solve the problem immediately or we will arrange another program for you at the nearby stadium. BaiGolf will be solely responsible for all the expenses and transportation costs that caused by the contact between the customer and BaiGolf, and will provide you with a 10% discount on your booking.

If you are not satisfied with our results, BaiGolf will provide you with a full refund, as well as an additional compensation that is equivalent to the cost of one person in the booked schedule.

Cancellation Provisions

Unless there are instructions specified in the cancellation policy, BaiGolf will not charge any cancellation fee.

Any cancellation application proposed at the date that is later than the time prescribed in the booking confirmation email or text message need to be dealt with according to the cancellation policies in the booking confirmation e-mail or text message.

The failure of arriving at the stadium before the Tee Time will be deemed as the cancellation of the order, which will be handled according to the cancellation policy.

If you want to modify anything of the order, you must contact directly with BaiGolf, rather than with the course. This rule applies to the modifications of Tee Time, late arrival and the cancellation of part or all of the reservation. If you have any question, please contact our customer service staff. Please note that we only accept cancellation request on weekdays, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

About BaiGolf

BaiGolf ( is a travel services company aimed at online golf, especially providing the most comprehensive golf reservation for China region. Founded in Guangzhou, along with offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo, BaiGolf has nearly 500 golf courses in China and more than 1000 kinds of golf tourism product resources in the whole world in its network reservation system. Nearly a hundred of professionals here provide you with the most abundant booking service options. Our team members will provide you with the most excellent golf service according to the different needs of the guests combined with regional characteristics of each region and a wealth of expertise no matter it is a business trip or vacation trips.

BaiGolf is a serving system connecting the price consultants of courses and travel wholesalers. The partner companies we have chosen have the best reputation in Asia and even in the worldwide.

Our goal is to become the world's leading high-end online travel company, providing customers with the convenient booking selection and high-quality tourism products. We will do our best to work for the establishment of the most influential high-quality and the most reliable services. Therefore, we have established a system of "security and privacy assurance" so that you can accept our services trustingly.


1.BaiGolf makes efforts to ensure that any material or price publicized on its website is consistent with that on the date of this publication. However, if any change in market conditions or circumstances occurs after the date of publication, it may cause that the information published on this website can't accurately reflect the actual situation any longer.
2.BaiGolf hereby clearly declares that it will take no responsibility for contents on this website such as statements, warranties, guarantees, accuracy, completeness, quality assurance and service quality.
3. BaiGolf fully cooperates with golf courses, providing the highest standard of service and the most valuable play program. We hereby explicitly declare that we don't take any responsibility for statements, warranties, guarantees, accuracy of providing the course, completeness and service quality.