BaiGolf Points Policy

Policies and Terms

The following provisions constitute basic terms of BaiGolf, aiming at protecting the rights of members of BaiGolf Feedback Project, participating members of BaiGolf travel network and related companies. Participation in the credits feedback project will be restricted and limited by these provisions. It is your responsibility to read and understand all the terms. For more information, please contact BaiGolf customer service center.

Once you join in BaiGolf Feedback Project, earn points or accept any service, you will be deemed to accept all the terms of this project. Without BaiGolf's written consent, the terms shall not be alternated or changed in any form.

General Terms and Conditions

1.Membership system and its policies of BaiGolf Feedback Project are decided by the BaiGolf Company Pte Ltd and its affiliates. BaiGolf is entitled to partially or entirely terminate or modify the contents of relevant rules, regulations, preferential policies, membership requirements and feedback rank at any time prior notice or without notice of, even if these changes will affect the value of accumulated credits. In addition, BaiGolf has the right to revoke, restrict, adjust or cancel the exclusive preferential policies of any member; the right to increase the credits required in course booking; the right to adjust or regulate the transfer restrictions of feedback credits or preference; the right to limit the numbers of courses that accept credit exchange and preferential activities of some courses; BaiGolf does not guarantee that you will get all the special offers or that credits can be redeemed when booking courses.

2. Participation in BaiGolf Feedback Project (hereinafter referred to as "the Project") must comply with all the terms, regulations, rules, policies and procedures (the "Project Terms") of the project. BaiGolf is entitled to modify them aperiodically. The right of interpretation and implementation of "Project Terms" belong to BaiGolf. BaiGolf has the right to terminate the membership and/or to cancel his points, credits and promotions if the user violates the terms of the project, abuses preferential privileges of this project, damages BaiGolf's interests, provides false information to BaiGolf and its franchisees of BaiGolf Travel Network and other conducts.

3.BaiGolf reserves the right to verify part of or all the Feedback Project accounts without informing members in advance in accordance with the terms of the project. If any difference or potential violation was found, credits exchange may be delayed due to account verification.

4.All members have an obligation to understand the project terms and the number of credits credits in membership account. BaiGolf will send relevant information to its members through various appropriate channels, such as account status reports, newsletters or BaiGolf Website. However, the above behaviors are not BaiGolf's obligations, so it does not need to bear the relevant responsibility even if it does not take related actions.

5.Feedback credits and credits exchange are bound by specific terms of BaiGolf project. All the members have an obligation to read the relevant materials to understand their rights and obligations in feedback projects. All the accumulated or given points/ benefits and credits are not allowed to transfer to others or authorize them to others.

6.BaiGolf Feedback Project applies only to individual members, only individual members are eligible to join the membership of BaiGolf Feedback Project. Each member is only allowed to open one account. Repeat established account will be canceled. Only Member whose name is on the account can use the account information.

7.The cumulative feedback credits are not the property of members and have no value except for in this feedback project. As mentioned earlier, BaiGolf has the right at any time to withdraw credits. Credits can't be exchanged, or transferred, nor can be regarded as a property inherited by family members after death. Otherwise you will be put to the proceedings.

8.The members' personal information related to the feedback project received by BaiGolf will be used by the websites that the members belong to under privacy regulations. Click here to view the Privacy Policy on BaiGolf website Personal information submitted by members will be forwarded to the suppliers (such as course) to assist members to participate in feedback project. If you want to learn how the supplier uses personal information of members, please read the privacy policy of the supplier.

9. If any member violates the policy and terms of this project, or violates the relevant federal law, state law, provincial administrative unit laws, territory or region law, statutes, programs or regulations when participating in the project, BaiGolf reserves the right to terminate the user's membership. Once the membership is terminated, all the accumulated points, promotions and special offers will be void. In addition, BaiGolf will take appropriate administrative and/or legal action if necessary, such as: criminal proceedings.

10.Any person who intends to destruct the legality of the feedback project are likely to be considered as a criminal or offender; once such things happen, BaiGolf is permitted by law to demand loss compensation with the maximum extent. That BaiGolf doesn't implement the terms does not mean abstaining.

11. If any policy and any term of the provision are ruled invalid by the court with jurisdiction, they will be removed, but the remaining provisions will remain in full force.

12. If any policy and any term of the provision are ruled invalid by the court with jurisdiction, they will be removed, but the remaining provisions will remain in full force.

13.No matter where members submit or complete the membership registration to BaiGolf, this policy and the terms should be explained in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. The act or proceeding related to this policy and terms will be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of Hong Kong.

Prohibit selling or exchanging

14.Except for BaiGolf, any sale or exchange behavior related to credits and promotions is prohibited. Any member who transfers or sells his credits in violation of the rules of this feedback project will be subject to the relevant penalties, and then his credits may be confiscated or cancelled. If the course is booked in a way that violates the rules of feedback project such as purchase, exchange or other methods, it may make the booking cancelled and the user being refused to access. According to the provisions of BaiGolf company, a person can be admitted to enter only after paying the relevant fees.

Dynamic of the Account

15. Membership will be automatically canceled if any member has no dynamic of account in 24 consecutive months, and all credits will be automatically invalid.

16. In accordance with the provisions, "the account dynamic" is defined as behaviors that the member acquires credits by observing the rules of this project or by getting the permission of BaiGolf, or gaining benefits by using his credits in BaiGolf feedback project or other cooperative partners.

Accumulation of feedback Credits

17.Only members of BaiGolf Feedback Project are entitled to accumulate credits in the way approved by the rules of the project. Members can't earn credits through others, animals, objects or Group Course Booking Service.

18.Currently, you can book course in or any other travel network site of BaiGolf, and gain credits by using authorized credit card for payment or consumption. BaiGolf reserves the power to entirely or partially add and delete the existing rules and to revoke the relevant transactions made with credits exchange without notice. Obtaining credits by booking course must login a valid account number and password.

19.Credits can only be gained when members actually play golf or play it after the booking date, and they only are accumulated into the member account. After playing golf, credits will be deposited into the member's account within 30 days after the date of playing golf. And the credits can only be added in the member account. The canceled booking can't get credits.

20.Credits can only be obtained after the payment or after playing golf. The amount of credits is determined by the cash value of consumption. Cash value is the consumption amount of a consumer's credit card, adding the amount of refunds and other outstanding affairs. Two yuan spent by members through credit card is equivalent to one credit.

21. If the credits are not successfully accumulated or exchanged as a result of the mistakes of BaiGolf or BaiGolf's partners, BaiGolf or BaiGolf's partners will bear a limited responsibility to compensate credits or offers with equal value.

22.Only booking the courses with the price listed on website can get BaiGolf feedback credits. The consumptions such as consumption in course, free golf-playing, internal discount price, group price or promotion price that are included in cooperative agreement with commission can't be used to gain credits. Members who directly use credit card in the name of himself at course can't participate in the BaiGolf feedback credits project.

23.Only the members who sign a contract with golf course can get feedback credits.

24.Taking the consumption history and booking records, location, participation condition or other relevant factors into consideration, BaiGolf reserve the right to provide selectively additional credits and promotion price to individual members.

25. Generally BaiGolf will accurately count credits into member's account. However, every member also has the responsibility to ensure that their credits are properly counted. If members insist that credits are not properly counted or BaiGolf thinks it is necessary to confirm the credits, BaiGolf reserves the right to require the members to present relevant evidence including receipts to confirm whether the credits are calculated correctly or not. All the certification applications and relevant evidence about feedback credits must be received within 12 months after the credits being counted.

Validity of the feedback credits

26.Credits accumulated in member's account can be stored until the date that all the credits can be exchanged or until the expiration date. It depends on the date that occurs first.

27. Credits gained in one year will remain in effect until December 31 of the next year. Credits that are going to out of date must be exchanged before December 31 of the next year. The overdue credits will be invalid or removed from the account. The account is deemed as "dormant" account if the credits in it have not been increased for two years. Then BaiGolf reserves the right to close the "dormant" account when all credits in it are overdue. The conditions that feedback credits are deducted from the account for any reason, for example, that exchanging credits for promotions and then the conduct is canceled and credits are returned don't belong to the account activities.

Credits Exchange

28.The standard and procedure of credits exchange are developed by BaiGolf company and then be released to members. BaiGolf is responsible for establishing credits exchange procedure. But under normal circumstances, credits exchange is a process that the members use credits existing in the account to exchange relevant offers.

29.If you want to cancel any non-refundable booking, the credits used to offset the cost of the reservation will not be returned.

30. Credits in two or more accounts can't be merged to exchange for privileges.

31. Credits reward arising from BaiGolf course booking may involve related laws and regulations of taxation and contract.

33.BaiGolf takes no responsibility for tax matters caused by the members' participation in the feedback project. All members should bear the tax liability for all the interests achieved in the feedback program and by feedback credits they have/ or use. In addition, each member has a responsibility to consult the tax authorities and to pay the tax payable due to the participation in this project.

32.BaiGolf reserves the right to modify, cancel or restrict relevant provisions of the feedback project with notice in advance or without notice. The amount of feedback credits needed for exchange might increase significantly, resulting in cancelation or failure of some credits exchange. The accumulation of credits doesn't give members any statutory power of the credits or the project itself. This offer is only provided by golf courses that participate in BaiGolf feedback project. These courses will be clearly marked with a flag of BaiGolf feedback project. Members will also be informed whether they can use or get credits in the process of booking. BaiGolf takes no responsibility for order cancelation caused by the course's sudden exit of our project.

34.Suppliers can join in or withdraw from the project with notice in advance or without notice. Even if the suppliers withdraw from this feedback project, credits obtained from the suppliers will be remained in the member's account.