New Booking

QDoes the course price include taxes and service charges?

A Yes, it does.

QWhy does one club house have different playing plans and prices every day?

The course provides different play programs and prices for promotion. This price change is determined by the club house.

Q What is payment in advance and payment at the club house?

A Payment in advance is giving the golf-playing fees to baigolf.com in advance; payment at the club house is paying the golf-playing fees directly at the reception desk of the course.

Q Why is the price of one golf-playing plan paid in advance is different from that paid at the club house?

A The price paid in advance is the best price we strived for our clients by cooperating with courses, but the price paid at the club house is determined by the club.

Q How to get a receipt?

A If you want a receipt, please use baigolf self-service. Please note that we only offer electronic receipt in PDF format. Self-Service allows you to use the company name and address to issue a receipt. You also can issue a receipt in the section of "Managing My Booking" by logging on the website.

Q Can you send a paper receipt by mail?

A We only provide electronic receipts in PDF format.

Q Can an invoice be provided?

A If you choose payment in advance when booking golf course, you can call the Customer Service Center to ask for an invoice within 30 days after playing golf, and we will send it to the address you provided (limited to the mainland and Hong Kong). If you choose payment in cash, please request an invoice to the golf course.

Q Can I choose a golf-playing plan not listed in baigolf.com?

A No, it only shows playing plans available after you input your requirements.

Q Can a course be recommended to me by baigolf.com?

A We recommend that you yourself make a decision after browsing the website homepage, playing programs and evaluation of the course. If you call to the customer service center for a recommendation, we can't guarantee that the course will totally meet your requirements. We don't take any responsibility if the course we recommended doesn't fully meet your requirements.

Q Is there any special privilege for the elder, teenagers, or people with disabilities?

A Unless a statement is issued in the website homepage, there is no other offers.

Q what to do if the number of golf players exceeds the upper limit of the reservation?

A If the number of golf players exceeds the maximum number of the order, please call customer service center to apply for group booking.

Q Is it necessary to provide all the players' names?

A Most courses simply demand to provide the name of the contact as a representative, but still some courses require providing all the players' names. If such situation encounters, we will contact you after booking.

Q How to make a reservation of Ms preferential plan and Ms, accompanying the man, preferential plan?

A You need to make two orders: Ms. Plan and Ms, Accompanying the man, preferential plan.

Q Where can I see the cancellation policy or modification policy?

A When you click the "Book" button to open the booking page, you can find the texts or links of cancellation policy or reserve terms in the middle of the booking page. We will also reaffirm the cancellation and modification policy in the SMS or email we send to you for a confirmation. Note: the details and terms of cancellation policy of reservation will vary every time depending on the course, tee times, playing programs etc. Please read carefully before submitting the booking form.

Q Why is the price of the playing plan changed?

A Our course partners can change the price and promotional activities of the playing plan at any time. Market conditions, policy changes and Tee Time are just part of the reasons that you may encounter in price fluctuations.


Q When are the booking fees paid?

A It depends on the subscription type:
1)Payment in advance-Online payment: Choosing CUP, Alipay, Paypal and other online payment methods and then agreeing booking terms, you will get a payment confirmation we send to you through SMS messages or e-mail. If there is no special regulation, you just need to tell your name and tee time when you arrive at the course.
2)Payment in advance - offline payment: Selecting remittance, transfer, credit card, check, cash or other offline payment methods and then agreeing to the terms of reservation, the booker will receive a confirmation. Our staff will contact you to guide the steps of offline payment. Since offline payment takes a long time, we will keep the course for you to the latest time of free cancellation.
3)Payment in cash in the court: After agreeing reservation terms, we will confirm your reservation and then send the confirmation sheet to you via SMS messages or e-mail. Note: Before you arrive at the course, the stadium reserves the right to operate or deduct your credit card with pre-authorization. The time and the amount of deductions are consistent with the terms about cancellation and modification terms.

Q How to remit / transfer?

A After submitting the order, please deposit transaction amount in a bank account in any of the followings:
1) Chinese mainland:
Guangzhou Zhongxin Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (CITIC).
Account: 3,602,010,609,200,216,579
Payee: Guangzhou Baironggao Business Services Ltd.
2) Overseas
HSBC Hong Kong
Account: 023-386097-838,
Payee:. B.G Development (HK) Co., Ltd.

Branch Code: 004
Bank Address:1 Queen's Road Central, H.K
Bank Name : Bangkok Bank,Thailand

Branch : Bangkok Bank (Fortune Town Branch)
Address : Room No.3E91,3rd Floor, Fortune Town Shopping Mall, 7 Ratchadapisek Rd,Dindaeng, Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400
Beneficiary Name : Baigolf (Thailand) Company Limited
Beneficiary A/C Number : 047-0-43634-6

Finishing the payment, there are three ways to notify us:
1)Find the order in the order center, click on the "proof of payment", fill in the payment account number and account name, and then click on "Submit account information"; or choose to upload the receipt record or remittance receipt.
2)Send the receipt record or remittance receipt, along with your name and phone number to sales@baigolf.com
3) Call the phones of customer service as follows to inform us about your payment record.
Chinese mainland 400-809-1328 Overseas (8620) 3846-8827

Q I want to pay in check.

A Please fill in the amount you need to pay, and then send it to the following addresses choosing DHL, Fedex, UPS, China Post EMS, SF Express etc.:
Please choose EMS or SF Express at Chinese mainland
Suite 1207-1208,12/F, Metro Plaza,
No.183 Tianhe Bei Road, Tianhe District,
Guangzhou, China

Please choose DHL, Fedex, UPS at Overseas:
Hong Kong Office
17/F,Chinaweal Centre,
414-424 Jaffe Road, Wanchai,

Q I want to pay by using credit card or by cash.

A Currently credit card or cash only can be accepted at Guangzhou office. The address is as follows:
Suite 1207-1208,12/F, Metro Plaza,
No.183 Tianhe Bei Road, Tianhe District,
Guangzhou, China

Q It shows failure of online payment.

AThe following reasons may cause your payment failure. You can examine the problems as follows;
1)The amount of online banking transaction reaches the upper limit. It is recommended that you can log in the online banking to increase the maximum ceiling of transaction amount;
2) There exists compatibility conflict among different browsers that leading to payment failure, it is recommended that you use IE browser to operate payment.
3)If online banking page etc. shows problems such as "expired page, timeout and error", you can close the browser and then reopen it to pay.


Q How long can we get a refund?

A If the refund is caused by the modification or cancellation of the order since the tee time is unable to meet your requirements, we will complete the refund in 1 to 2 working days. Refund caused by other reasons will be directly sent to bank processes. Staring from the submission or refund date, banks typically deal with refund and the procedure of transferring to customers in 1 to 10 working days. Please note that some banks may need 15 to 30 days, or be postponed until the next accounting period. Refund will be exchanged into local currency through the bank by which your credit card is issued.

Cancel lation/ Modification reservation

Q Where can I find the cancellation / modification policy

A When you click the "Book" button to open the booking page, you can find texts or links of cancellation policy / reserve terms in the middle of booking page.

Q How to cancel booking?

A You can cancel the reservation through the section "My orders" on the website.

Q Whether charges will be paid if the reservation is canceled?

A The details and terms of cancellation policy in every reservation are different according to course, playing program, tee time and promotional activities. Please read carefully before submitting the booking form. We will also reaffirm the cancellation and modification policy in the confirmation email we send to you.

Q How to change booking date?

A You can't modify the order through self-service operation; currently the order can only be modified by calling the customer service center to operate. We recommend that you choose to cancel the order, and then book a new playing program.

Q How to calculate the fees after cancelation or modification? How to view related costs?

A Please refer to the reservation cancellation and modification policy.

Q Why charge fees when modifies the reservation?

A Reservation modification will change the price. Before paying the change fees, your request will not be accepted. If the price becomes lower, refund will be made according to cancellation/modification policy.

Q Whether my request of cancelling or modifying the reservation is confirmed?

A We will notify you the results of confirmation by short message or e-mail. If it cannot be cancelled / modified, we will contact you.

Q Can we increase the number of golfers in the course reservation?

A As for the order whose tee time is confirmed, you need to book the court again and select the number of the increased person. We will try to book the same or adjacent tee time for you.

Q Can I add to play 9 holes in the course reservation?

A please make a call.

Q How to change the course?

A If the tee time of the order is confirmed, you need to cancel the order and then make a new one.

Feedback Credits

Q How to exchange the feedback credits?

A After selecting playing program, the page will automatically turn to the "Reservation Page."
Please log in your account at the "BaiGolf Member Login" column in this page.
After logging on, choosing the amount of credits you want to exchange.
Finally, you can get booking discount by clicking the button "Update Credits".
Note that you can exchange with at least 1000 credits. If there is any problem when logging in the account, please consult the login section of Common Problems and Answers.

Q Why can't I exchange my credits?

A You need at least 1,000 credits. Note that if you choose pay in cash at the course, you cannot use the credits.

Q Can the credits be exchanged after the reservation?

A Credits can only be exchanged before the reservation is made.

Q If credits are used in one order, can they be returned once the order is canceled?

A If the order is canceled within the time limited in SMS or email for confirmation, all the credits used to offset the reservation cost of the order will be returned.
If the order is canceled after the deadline stipulated in SMS or email for confirmation, part of the credits used to offset the reservation cost of the order will be returned according to the cancellation policy.
If the order you want to cancel is nonrefundable, the credits used to offset the reservation cost of the order will not be returned too.

Log In

Q what to do if I can't log in or I forget the account password?

A The password is constituted with uppercase and lowercase. Make sure that the password form is right when you enter it.
If you forget the password, you can reset a new password via the following link:

Q What if it still shows the information is invalid when I enter the new password?

A The password is constituted with uppercase and lowercase. Make sure that the password form is right when you enter it.
If there still have problems, you can ask to send the password to your mailbox again via some links:

General Course Problems

Q How long is the time of playing 18 holes?

A It depends on golf course and its congestion degree. It usually takes within four hours and 30 minutes.

Q How much is the caddy tip?

A Most of the Chinese golf courses provide caddy service, and there is also a tradition to tip the caddy. The amount of caddy tip depends on the performance of the caddy, which is usually 100 yuan.

Q Cart

A Most of the Golf carts in the world have two seats, such as in China and United States. But in Japan, golf carts generally have four or five seats. As a general rule, a single person taking a golf cart needs to make up the price difference.

Q Catering

A Catering included in the playing plan is generally provided by the dining room in the club house. The type of dining depends on the course, and we cannot ask the course to provide specified types of catering.

Q Accommodation

A The package of playing golf and accommodating is usually included in the club accommodation. Accommodations of some clubs have no clear star rating, so we cannot give you a clear standard of accommodation. Please refer to the introduction and related comments of the golf-playing and accommodation package.

Q course etiquette

A Many golf clubs, especially some completely private ones, will have requirements on the player's dress, etiquette and so on. BaiGolf has made efforts to book the best private clubs for customers with the most favorable price. Please comply with the regulations of the club. We do not take any responsibility if you can't play golf or you are punished by the course because of your violation of the course's provisions.

Golf-playing Rules

A Generally local rules are stated on the course scorecard.

Q Slope and Difficulty

A A course judged by United States Golf Association will have a difficulty value and slope value. Difficulty value refers to the course's absolute difficulty, which is generally between 67 and 77. The higher the difficulty value is, the harder the golfers play. Slope value is a reference index for the relative difficulty of the course, which is generally between 55 and 155. The greater the slope value is, the harder the golfers with high handicap play. The standard slope is 113. The difficulty or slope noted in our course data are calculated according to the farthest men teeing ground.