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GOLFZON PARK is a high-end chain brand of indoor golf products and cultural experience created by GOLFZON Group. As a cultural and entertainment space where GOLFZON’s technological products and cutting-edge culture converge. GOLFZON PARK aims to provide users with differentiated indoor golf simulator products, complete supporting facilities, and service systems, regardless of time, space, weather, and venue restrictions, anytime, anywhere. Smart space for enjoying the fun of virtual golf competitions like outdoors.

   The GOLFZON PARK flagship store in China, with 4,500 square meters, became the world's largest indoor golf leisure and cultural spaces. The store is equipped with a more advanced TWOVISION golf simulator system and standardized supporting services. This can provide you with professional golf simulation training: online golf live combat, a wealth of golf competition, and practical combat modes, bringing you a unique Indoor golf experience and super-realistic competitive fun.

    Driven by Internet technology and intelligent technology, indoor golf is also increasingly favored and sought after by sports enthusiasts, especially young people, with its intelligentized and personalized experience. A new golf sports trend is taking its health. The energetic and happy charm is popular all over the world. At present, GOLFZON PARK has spread in 62 countries/regions, with more than 6,200 stores distributed worldwide. Hundreds and thousands of people use GOLFZON’s intelligent products and services every day to swing, have wonderful insights and feel the golf simulation. Competitive fun and sports experience.

    As an important strategic layout of GOLFZON’s presence in China, GOLFZON PARK’s flagship store brings the new golf spirit and concept of "PLAY NEW" to China. It is committed to providing Chinese golf enthusiasts with more professional, intelligent products, more comprehensive franchise support, and better member services.

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