Hebei Tangshan Caofeihu Sports Park Golf Course

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Course Introduction

The Caofeihu Sports Park integrates an 18-hole golf course and a clubhouse, adopting a modern architectural style while respecting the entire historical environment. The clubhouse offers various amenities and features exquisite interior decoration. The design follows a people-centric philosophy throughout the day, emphasizing the perfect blend of architecture and the surrounding environment, allowing you to enjoy the club's beautiful scenery and attentive service in limited time and meet various needs, from business meetings to leisure and entertainment. Lush reeds, leaping fish in the water, soaring birds, glistening waters, grand atmospheres, and intricate details make up the approximately 3000-acre Caofeihu Sports Park, including the following: * An 18-hole international championship golf course * A natural water practice area * A high-end private clubhouse with a 2500-square-meter footprint Located to the east (with thousands of acres) of Caofeihu and the Tangcao Expressway, the west is connected to the Shuanglong River, a National 4A-level wetland area, and to the south, it is adjacent to the Bohai Conference Center (permanent venue of the Caofeidian Forum) and the Dabeike Hot Springs, Tanghai Wetlands, and a bird natural reserve area. It is 240 kilometers from Beijing, 139 kilometers from Tianjin, 91.5 kilometers from Tianjin Binhai New Area, 80.9 kilometers from Tangshan City, 18.8 kilometers from Tanghai County, and 26 kilometers from the Caofeidian Industrial Zone. It combines accommodation, dining and entertainment, sightseeing, conference reception, leisure vacation, sports and fitness, and spa health.

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