Shenzhen Golf Club, located in the central business district (CBD), is rightfully recognized as a premier CBD golf course. Established in 1985, the club is one of the earlier golf clubs in China. Situated on Shennan Road in Futian District, it is only an 8-minute drive from the Huanggang Port, making it the golf club closest to Hong Kong. Additionally, it stands opposite the renowned Mission Hills Resort, ensuring convenient accessibility.

Covering an area of 1.36 million square meters, the club features an international standard 27-hole golf course with a par of 108.

Commencing in 1985, the first 18 holes were constructed with the assistance of Japanese professional golfer Mr. Aoki Isao and Hong Kong professional golfers. Subsequently, in 1997, the club's board of directors invested in a renovation of the entire 27-hole course. The renowned golf course designer, Mr. Neil Haworth from Nelson & Haworth Architect Co., was enlisted for the redesign.

The redesign incorporated undulating terrain, sand bunkers, water features, and preserved meticulously planted trees from over a decade. Additionally, new grass species were introduced, along with the installation of the latest computer-controlled irrigation and drainage systems. These enhancements revitalized the course's challenge and appeal, presenting a refreshed and perfect layout.


Among the notable holes is the longest one, Hole 1 on Course B, measuring 525 yards with a par of 5. The wide and smooth fairway design allows long-distance drivers to showcase their skills. However, the large sand bunkers on both sides of the landing area can pose significant psychological obstacles. 


Similarly, Hole 8 on Course C is another par-5 long hole, spanning 520 yards. After a safe first tee shot, the second shot encounters numerous sand bunkers on both sides and is troubled by water hazards. The juxtaposition of the lake and the lush greenery creates a delightful scenic landscape.



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Course Data



Strategic Classic Hole Highlights (Course B)

**Hole 4 on Course B**


The longest par-5 hole on Course B, with significant undulations in the fairway. The green is not visible from the tee, featuring three corners with strategically placed sand bunkers. The front of the green has a giant sand bunker, and the right side is bordered by a dense forest, making it a classic strategic hole.




**Hole 7 on Course B**


Ranked as the most challenging hole on Course B, with a water pond at 320 yards down the fairway. Players need to leave some room during the tee shot to avoid going into the water. The entrance to the front of the green is narrow, with more space at the back. However, the second shot should not be too long, as there are bunkers behind the green.


 **Hole 8 on Course B**


This hole has the highest number of sand bunkers. Nine differently sized bunkers are scattered along the fairway. A successful tee shot, avoiding these bunkers and the right-side OB, allows for a second shot directly towards the green.



Most Beautiful Hole Highlights


**Hole 4 on Course A**

Blue Tee: 136/127 yards, Par 3. Awarded as one of the top 18 holes in the country by "Golf Digest" in 2002. The green is surrounded by water on half of its surface, with three large sand bunkers behind it, all enveloped by trees. Due to the dense forest, wind direction and speed are challenging to gauge—pay attention to the movement of tree tops nearby!

**Hole 2 on Course C**

Blue Tee: 548 yards. The longest and most challenging par-5 hole on the entire course. The narrow fairway has a pond on the right, and a series of bunkers on both sides. Beware of two large banyan trees in the middle of the fairway, strategically blocking the player's path. A smart approach is necessary, as a direct attack may not be feasible. Three bunkers surround the green, and since the green slopes downward, slightly less force is needed when attacking the green.

**Hole 8 on Course C**

Blue Tee: 122 yards. The shortest par-3 hole on the course and the only island hole. Awarded as one of the top 18 holes in the country by "Golf Digest" in 2003. The green is surrounded by water on all sides, with a large bunker in front. Special attention should be paid to the wind direction.

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