BaiGolf Picks

Guangdong Mission Hill Golf Club Dongguan Package 2 (1 Night+1 Round of Golf)

Vietnam Phu Quoc Island Stay&Play (2 Nights 1 Round)

Hainan Haikou Mission Hills Golf(3 Nights 3 Rounds of Golf)

A city rich in natural scenery on the seashore----Haikou

Bangkok Golf (3 Rounds of Golf 3 Nights of 5-Star Hotel)

Wandering in Angel City-Bangkok

Yangon Golf Tour+Sightseeing(4 Days 3 Nights 2 Rounds)

Sightseeing+Golf Tour

Kawana Golf Tour(3 Nights 2 Rounds of Golf)

Fuji Course+Oshima Course+Kawana Hotel

Tokyo Golf Tour

Local 5* Hotel