Spanning Shenzhen and Dongguan, Mission Hills Golf Resort, established in 1992, has earned the title of "Guinness World's Largest Golf Club" after more than a decade of dedicated development. Mission Hills Golf Resort invited 12 legendary golf stars to design 12 courses with a total of 216 holes, making it the only resort in the world that brings together golf styles from five continents.

Mission Hills also features golf villas, Asia's largest country club, Mission Hills Resort Hotel, an international conference center, Asia's largest spa center, and a richly equipped commercial complex—the Mission Hills New Town Shopping Center. It offers a diverse range of Chinese and Western cuisine and various leisure facilities, making it the largest and most comprehensive private golf resort in China and Asia.

———————Course Overview ———————

1、Mission Hills Shenzhen - World Cup Course

  - **Course:** 7,294 yards / Par 72

   - **Designer:** Jack Nicklaus

   - **Features:**

     - Challenging championship course with a long yardage

     - Large, flat bunkers

     - Abundant water hazards

     - Expansive grass-covered hills for spectator viewing

 More Information and Bookings:(Mission Hills Golf Club-WORLD CUP COURSE)


2、Mission Hills Shenzhen - Els Course


 - **Course:** 7,049 yards / Par 72

   - **Designer:** Ernie Els

   - **Features:**

     - Scenic course with a mix of beauty and challenges

     - Colorful vegetation around streams

     - Mature landscape trees with diverse color blocks

     - Large elevation changes and wide vistas

 More Information and Bookings:(Mission Hills Golf Club-ELS COURSE)


3、Mission Hills Shenzhen - Ozaki Course


   - **Course:** 7,024 yards / Par 72

   - **Designer:** Jumbo Ozaki

   - **Features:**

     - Enchanting course set amidst mountains, waterfalls, and unique rock formations

     - Large and challenging greens

     - Abundant mature trees and expansive lakes

     - Wide fairways with noticeable elevation changes


 More Information and Bookings:(Mission Hills Golf Club-OZAKI COURSE)


4、Mission Hills Shenzhen - Vijay Course


  - **Course:** 6,883 yards / Par 72

   - **Designer:** Vijay Singh

   - **Features:**

     - Wild and undulating greens

     - Steep-faced "grass-faced" bunkers

     - Strategic play influenced by water hazards

     - Abandoned bunkers parallel to fairways


 More Information and Bookings:深圳观澜湖高尔夫-维杰球场(Mission Hills Golf Club-VIJAY COURSE)


5、Mission Hills Shenzhen - Faldo Course


   - **Course:** 6,892 yards / Par 72

   - **Designer:** Nick Faldo

   - **Features:**

     - Towering mature trees and expansive vistas as a backdrop

     - Deep and irregularly shaped bunkers

     - Large grassy hills

     - Island green on the 16th hole


 More Information and Bookings:深圳观澜湖高尔夫-尼克费度球场(Mission Hills Golf Club-FALDO COURSE)


6、 Mission Hills Dongguan - Norman Course

  - **Course:** 7,228 yards / Par 72

   - **Designer:** Greg Norman

   - **Features:**

     - One of Asia's most challenging courses

     - Native high grass surrounds fairways

     - Realistic Australian sandbelt-style bunkers with steep faces

     - Spectacular views through steep canyons


 More Information and Bookings:(Mission Hills Golf Club-NORMAN COURSE)


7、Mission Hills Dongguan - Leadbetter Course


- **Course:** 7,117 yards / Par 72

   - **Designer:** David Leadbetter

   - **Features:**

     - Large "sandbelt" bunkers

     - Undulating fairways

     - Spectacular open landscapes

     - Challenging greens


 More Information and Bookings:东莞观澜湖高尔夫-利百特球场(Mission Hills Golf Club-LEADBETTER COURSE)


8、Mission Hills Dongguan - Annika Course

 - **Course:** 6,703 yards / Par 72

   - **Designer:** Annika Sorenstam

   - **Features:**

     - Large mountainous landscapes

     - Numerous and large sand traps

     - Crosses through wooded canyons

     - Narrow and challenging greens


 More Information and Bookings:(Mission Hills Golf Club-ANNIKA COURSE)


9、Mission Hills Dongguan - Rose-Poulter Course


 - **Course:** 6,918 yards / Par 72

   - **Designers:** Justin Rose and Ian Poulter

   - **Features:**

     - Adventure/reward-style course with high-risk, high-reward holes

     - Improved tee areas and repositioned bunkers

     - Shorter distances on par-4 holes

     - More birdie opportunities and chances for hole-in-ones


 More Information and Bookings: (Mission Hills Golf Club-ROSE-POULTER COURSE)


10、Mission Hills Dongguan - Olazabal Course


- **Course:** 7,320 yards / Par 72

    - **Designer:** Jose Maria Olazabal

    - **Features:**

      - Championship-style course with long yardage

      - Abundant challenging sand traps in Australian "sandbelt" style

      - Undulating fairways creating varied stances

      - Hosted the Omega Mission Hills Golf World Cup in 2007, 2008, and 2009


 More Information and Bookings:(Mission Hills Golf Club-OLAZABAL COURSE)

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