Taiwan, located in the subtropics, is a golf paradise throughout the year. Traveling from Taipei City to many golf courses is convenient, allowing you to combine golfing with sightseeing. You will discover some famous courses, such as Taiwan (formerly Danshui) Country Club, where even the most seasoned golfers will be satisfied, and others like Meilhua Country Club, which is ideal for golf beginners.

Year-round Good Weather for Swinging in Taipei

Taiwan has a mild climate throughout the year, making it possible to enjoy golf at any time. Many golf courses are concentrated in the suburbs of Taipei, with over 30 distinctive golf courses. These courses are easily accessible, approximately an hour's drive from the city center.

Taipei's Most Prestigious Golf Courses


Taiwan Golf & Country Club

This is Taiwan's oldest golf course, once selected as one of the world's top 50 golf courses. The sea breeze on both sides, deep woods, and unique features of each hole make it a challenging championship course. It also features a restaurant, cafe, practice range, and showers.

Linkou International Golf & Country Club

A renowned course that has hosted international events multiple times. With East, West, and South courses, although the terrain is relatively flat, the layout can easily affect scores due to hitting errors. The facilities include a restaurant, cafe, practice range, and showers.

Golf Courses in Taipei Suitable for Beginners


Hsing Fu Golf Club

Spacious and strategically designed, offering East, West, and North courses. It is popular among beginners and players who want to make the most of their clubs. The club has top-notch facilities and provides quality shuttle services.

Miramar Golf Country Club

A resort golf club capable of hosting championships, with 36 holes on A and B courses, featuring gentle terrain and moderate wind. The club offers premium shuttle services, a full range of facilities including a restaurant and cafe, and luxurious, clean shower rooms and saunas, making it highly popular.

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