Finally, it's open! It's been heard that flights to Thailand are fully booked, and it seems like the pandemic has left everyone eager to travel abroad for some fun, especially golf enthusiasts whose craving for the game knows no bounds. Today, let's talk about why golf in Thailand is so popular!

1. **Numerous Excellent Golf Courses**

Thailand boasts an unexpectedly large number of golf courses, with over 300 high-quality courses. Whether in Bangkok at Thai Country Club, Amata Spring Country Club, Alpine Golf Club, or in Hua Hin at Black Mountain, Banyan Resort & Golf Club, or in Phuket at Red Mountain, and Chiangmai Highlands in Chiang Mai, you'll find plenty of golf courses wherever you are in Thailand. #SearchforMoreCourses

2. **Affordable Cost of Living**

The cost of playing at top-notch golf courses may not be cheap, but it's worth every penny. Moreover, considering the generally affordable cost of living in terms of food, accommodation, and transportation, the overall value for money is incredibly high. This is a crucial reason why Thailand has become a popular destination for global tourists. Buying a bunch of snacks, drinks, and beer at the golf course costs only a few dozen Chinese yuan—just the price of a bottle of water domestically. It feels great to be able to buy whatever you want.

3. **Attentive Service**

One person per golf cart, a one-to-one ratio of caddies to players, and the ability to drive the golf cart onto the fairway—many Chinese golfers find it hard to adjust to playing without caddies when they go to golf courses in Europe and America. However, in Thailand, almost every golf course has hundreds of caddies, and the situation of playing without them doesn't exist. Thai caddies generally speak simple English, and if you're lucky, you might encounter caddies who can speak a bit of Chinese and Korean. Most of them even offer you small fruits and snacks.

In Thailand, with almost every golf course having hundreds of caddies, perhaps due to the non-restriction of age and the large number, they focus more on providing customers with meticulous service.

4. **Climate and Geographic Location**

Thailand's peak tourist season is generally from November to February of the next year, during which the weather is not too hot. If you're in Chiang Mai, you can even feel a cool breeze. This is indeed excellent weather for outdoor activities. Also, because it's closer to China, traveling to and from Thailand is much more convenient than to Europe or the United States, which is another important reason why many Chinese golf fans like to go to Thailand.

5. **Similar Culture and Habits**

Many people often experience discomfort when traveling abroad, but Thailand's culture, weather, and lifestyle are not much different from those in China. In terms of cuisine, sour and spicy flavors dominate, catering to the taste of Easterners. Thai people follow Buddhism and are very friendly. Moreover, due to the influx of Chinese tourists for an extended period, many services are available in Chinese, making communication easy.

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