Singapore, with its tropical climate, enjoys favorable weather for golfing throughout the year. While the quantity of golf courses may not rival some other countries, the quality here is exceptional. The fact that international golf tournaments often choose the Lion City as their venue attests to the high standards of golf courses in Singapore.

     Recommended Courses   


Marina Bay

Marina Bay Golf Course

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Highlights: Excellent Lynx course, Island-style 13th hole, 700-yard par-six

  If you're planning a greens battle in the bustling heart of the Central Business District, Marina Bay Golf Course is undoubtedly your top choice. This course, designed by renowned South African architect Phil Jacobs, boasts a unique and cohesive style that cleverly showcases the local terrain, including 91 pot-shaped bunkers. One of Marina Bay's iconic designs is the island green on the 13th hole, offering an enjoyable challenge. There's also a 700-yard par-six hole that adds an extra layer of excitement.

   This course is also one of Singapore's largest practice facilities, featuring four-tiered terrain, 146 practice lanes, and a distance of up to 270 meters. The facility includes a café and equipment store on the first floor, and a restaurant and accessory shop on the second floor.



Sentosa Golf Club

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Highlights: Singapore's best course, scenic and pleasant views

   Located on Sentosa Island, meaning "peaceful and tranquil" in Malay, Sentosa is a popular resort island connected to Singapore by a bridge. The island offers a serene environment with a rich cultural atmosphere, and it's home to one of Asia's most beautiful and challenging golf courses.

   Sentosa Golf Club, nestled in tropical rainforest, features captivating sea views, sparkling lakes, and lush green lawns. Designed by Ronald Fream, an authority in beautiful landscape design, the course extends along the coastline, allowing players to enjoy both the thrill of golf and the vistas of modern skyscrapers. The club has 36 holes divided into the Serapong and Tanjong courses, offering a dream course for golf enthusiasts.


   - **Serapong Course:** A 6,349-meter course with a par of 72, surrounded by stone walls, two large lakes, and a challenging island green on the 13th hole.

   - **Tanjong Course:** Recognized as Singapore's best golf course for three consecutive years by The Asian Golf Review, this 6,420-meter course with a par of 72 features vibrant flora and fauna, making it a tropical delight.



Laguna National Golf & Country Club 

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Highlights: Singapore's premier course with undulating greens and over 200 bunkers

 Known as the "Beast" among local golf enthusiasts, Laguna National Golf & Country Club boasts undulating greens and over 200 bunkers. This monster-like course can be compared to Pebble Beach Golf Links in the USA and St. Andrews Links in the UK.

   Laguna National offers tee boxes suitable for various skill levels, ranging from around 5000 yards for juniors and seniors to over 7400 yards for championship play. The course provides a unique golfing experience with its challenging features, making it one of Singapore's best.

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