Hokkaido, renowned as a summer retreat, hosts three stages of the Japan Golf Tour every summer. With over 70% forest coverage and average temperatures around 20°C in July and August, the region offers a pleasant and tranquil natural setting.

The allure of Hokkaido lies in its expansive fairways, vast courses, and magnificent scenery, attracting golfers from around the world from April to early November. Experience Hokkaido's unique odorless and tasteless salt-chloride hot springs, indulge in crab feasts, local Wagyu beef barbecue, seafood-covered rice bowls, and Otaru sushi, truly savoring the "delicious" flavors of the northern region.

     Complete Map of Golf Courses in Hokkaido, Japan, with Pricing

Having previously recommended prestigious golf courses in Hokkaido, this edition of "Baigolf" introduces you to locally beloved courses and those highly ranked in the Baigolf reservations!

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(Chitose Airport Country Club)

Book Now:Chitose Airport Country Club

 - Located in Sapporo, the Chitose Airport Golf Club is a uniquely designed tournament course. Conveniently accessible, it's perfect for scheduling your first or last round in Hokkaido.

   This course, visible from planes flying from Honshu to Hokkaido, has hosted renowned events such as the Hokkaido Open, Kanto Professional Player Championship, and Sapporo Tokyu Open. The Swan Course offers a challenging layout with cleverly arranged water hazards and gentle undulations, suitable for both beginners and single-digit handicappers. Enjoy the picturesque Swan Lake throughout your game.

   The Parrot Course, surrounded by lush greenery, provides the experience of playing on a long course in the heart of Hokkaido's expansive forest. The wide and lengthy fairways allow for a delightful and carefree game.

   The Mandarin Duck Course, a traditional course with side bunkers, offers views of nature's blessings and Mount Tarumae. The side bunkers require careful strategy and advanced skills.

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(Hokkaido Golf Club)

Book Now:Hokkaido Golf Club

 - If Augusta and St. Andrews are sacred places for every golf enthusiast, then come to the Hokkaido Golf Club. Designed by the renowned Japanese golf course designer Shunsuke Kato, it features 18-hole courses in completely different American and British styles, satisfying diverse preferences.

   - Eagle Course: Introduces many water features, creating a vast American-style course that provides a stable and soothing atmosphere.


   - Lion Course: The course features obstacles composed of large and small mounds, reminiscent of the rugged and challenging courses of Scotland's links.

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(Noboribetsu Country Club)

Book Now: Noboribetsu Country Club

   - Surrounded by primeval forests and valleys, Noboribetsu Country Club is a semi-mountainous hillside course. It hosted the 2016 Mynavi Konica Minolta Ladies Professional Golf Tournament.

   The course is surrounded by a primeval forest composed of over 30 types of trees, enhancing Hokkaido's majestic natural features. With a vast and meticulously designed landscape, the course is known as the "Beautiful Forest Maiden Course." Just a 20-minute drive from Noboribetsu Onsen Town, it covers an impressive 370,000 square meters of golf resort space.

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(Tsukisappu Golf Club)

Book Now: Tsukisappu Golf Club

- A forest course with stunning landscapes, designed by the renowned Japanese golf course designer Koji Yasuda. The course offers spacious fairways with minimal elevation changes, providing a relaxing atmosphere in every corner.

   The fairways of the forest course have minimal undulations, and each hole is separated by natural pine and birch tree forests. The greens are spacious and independent. Whether in the front or back nine, hitting the green from a distance is challenging. If the ball goes past the green, a gentle shot might slide, making it difficult to achieve a good score. With few OBs and wide fairways, there's no need to worry about hitting the ball into the woods or near the green's bunkers. The thoughtful design ensures an unforgettable experience.

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(Clark Country Club)

Book Now: Clark Country Club

   - The venue for the 2008 Japan Amateur Championship. A hilly, wooded golf course.

   Although built on hilly terrain, the course has a unique style due to the separation by cool coniferous forests. The course has no significant elevation changes, and the entire layout is strategically diverse with moderate slopes. The East, Middle, and West courses are spacious and strategic, satisfying the demands of both offensive and defensive play.

Embark on an exciting golf journey in Hokkaido, where each course offers a unique experience amidst the region's natural beauty!


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