Hokkaido, renowned for its summer seas, winter hot springs, and spring-autumn blossoms, stands out as a palette accidentally dropped by the gods, providing an endless spectacle. The summer in Hokkaido offers a sense of liberation, allowing golf enthusiasts to freely wield their clubs on vast, well-maintained courses amidst breathtaking landscapes.

     Complete Map of Golf Courses in Hokkaido, Japan, with Pricing

Reasons to Choose Hokkaido for Golf:

- Abundance of courses with over 170 golf courses.

- Exceptional natural scenery with over 70% forest coverage, serene snow-capped mountains, and tranquility.

- Pleasant climate with June averaging a high of 25°C and a low of 13°C, offering comfortable conditions even under the bright sun.

- Culinary delights with a myriad of world-class seafood from Hokkaido's vast fishing grounds.

- Healing natural hot springs to rejuvenate mind and body.

1·Recommended Golf Courses:(Hokkaido Classic Golf Club )

Book Now:Hokkaido Classic Golf Club


 Opened in 1991, designed by maestro Nicklaus, a forest course ranking as Hokkaido's top course.

 The Hokkaido Classic Golf Club, designed by the legendary Nicklaus and opened in 1991, is a forest course that stands as the top-ranked course in Hokkaido. Spanning an area of 950,000 square meters, the 18-hole, par-72 course covers 7,059 yards, adhering to international championship standards. Nestled among the trees, the course offers picturesque scenery, excellent soil quality, and daily meticulous care, showcasing the Japanese craftsmanship spirit for optimal turf conditions.

   Rolling forests, shimmering lakes, and strategically placed star-studded holes create a harmonious blend of natural charm and Nicklaus' masterful design. It is considered one of his most exemplary creations, catering to both novice and advanced golfers. Conveniently located, it serves as an ideal starting point for a Hokkaido adventure, allowing visitors to fully experience the joys of nature and outdoor activities.



Recommended Golf Courses::Hokkaido Brooks Country Club

Book NowHokkaido Brooks Country Club

- *Opened in 1992, designed by E. Snyder, a hilly course with an elegant style reminiscent of prestigious American golf courses.*

   The Hokkaido Brooks Country Club, inaugurated in 1992 and designed by E. Snyder, boasts a 7,312-yard, 18-hole, par-72 course set amidst a sprawling 500,000 square meters of land. The course's elegant style resembles renowned American golf courses, providing a delicate touch unique to Japanese golf courses. It has been the venue for the Hokkaido Professional Open and Japan Amateur Championships for six consecutive years since 2011.

   With its vast terrain covered in lush greenery, the front nine cleverly utilizes natural terrain features as obstacles, including nearby OB markers that add pressure to golfers. The back nine features a rich variety of changes in terrain, blending hills and forested areas. While the fairways are relatively wide, stray shots into the woods can pose significant challenges in recovery.


Recommended Golf Courses:(Katsura Golf Club

Book Now:Katsura Golf Club


 - *Opened in 1993, designed by Robert Trent Jones, a forest course with undulating fairways and challenging water features.*


   Katsura Golf Club, inaugurated in 1993 and covering a total area of 1.44 million square meters, presents a 7,116-yard, 18-hole, par-72 forest course. Designed by architect Robert Trent Jones, the course gets its name from the naturally growing Katsura trees, unique to Japan.

   The course has hosted major events like the NITORI Ladies Professional Championship and HEIWA Men's Professional Championship, securing its position among the top 60 golf courses in Japan. Notable features include undulating fairways, clear and sparkling streams transformed into tricky water hazards, and ancient trees that present an unavoidable challenge. The rolling greens and their speeds add to the challenge, making it crucial to navigate these difficult obstacles. Visitors may also encounter unexpected guests, as wild sika deer casually graze, providing a memorable experience.


Recommended Golf Courses::Niseko Golf Course

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- *Designed by Arnold Palmer, a 72-par, 6,805-yard course with challenging elevations and signature 3-par holes.*


   The Niseko Golf Course in Hokkaido, designed by Arnold Palmer, is a 72-par, 6,805-yard course located just 20 minutes from the Niseko Resort. The course features challenging elevations, gentle undulations, and strategically placed bunkers and water hazards. The signature 3-par holes demand precise and accurate shot-making skills from golfers to avoid errors and successfully navigate the fairways.

   Situated at the entrance of the Hilton Niseko Resort, the golf course provides stunning views of Mount Yotei, known as the "Fuji of Hokkaido." In the summer, visitors can enjoy the coolness of the dense and serene forest, offering a glimpse of the flower-filled fields at the mountaintop.

Recommended Golf Courses::(Sappro Golf Club Yuni Course)

Book Now:Sappro Golf Club Yuni Course

  - *Designed by master Seiichi Inoue, opened in 1974, a renowned golf course known for its challenging layout.*


   The Sapporo Golf Club, designed by the renowned Seiichi Inoue and opened in August 1974, is a prestigious golf course in Hokkaido and a venue for official competitions such as the Hokkaido Professional Golf Championship. Revered by Japanese golfers as the "most challenging course in Hokkaido," the layout features tree-lined fairways with numerous dogleg holes, and the fast and firm greens pose a formidable challenge.

   Surrounded by dense forests, the course layout is both smooth and diverse, showcasing the craftsmanship of a master designer. It stands as a masterpiece among golf courses, providing golf enthusiasts with a captivating and varied golfing experience.


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