Miyazaki, located at the southernmost tip of Japan's main islands, boasts a warm climate, abundant sunshine, and a tropical ambiance, making it one of the best places in Japan for golf. Facing the Pacific Ocean to the east, Miyazaki enjoys year-round sunshine and is often referred to as the "Hawaii of Japan." With over 30 distinctive golf courses, ranging from championship-level venues to resort clubs perfect for leisurely swings, Miyazaki offers a diverse range of options to meet the needs of golf enthusiasts.

          Recommended Golf Courses    


umk country

UMK Country Club

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- Owned by Miyazaki UMK Television Group, UMK Country Club is a members-only course and has been the venue for the women's Japan AXA Ladies Golf Tournament since 2013. The course, designed by Japanese golf architect Mitsuhiro Ohashi, is located in the elevated surroundings of Miyazaki City, providing expansive views. It's a typical hilly course rich in strategic elements, requiring thoughtful consideration for each shot, combining enjoyment with tactical thinking.


lake side

Lakeside Golf Club Miyazaki

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- Established in 1991, Lakeside Golf Club Miyazaki is a hillside course transformed from a ranch, offering natural beauty. Out of its 18 holes, 11 feature water hazards, adding visual appeal without compromising ease. The course hosted the Miyazaki Open and Miyazaki Women's Open in 2012. Rated by the Japan Golf Association, the course difficulty index is 73.5.



Aoshima Golf Club

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Phoenix Country Club

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 - As you enter the resort, the first sight is the Sheraton's top-class Ocean Hotel, soaring 43 stories high and offering panoramic views of the golf course and the Pacific Ocean. It serves as the athletes' village during tournaments, welcoming star players from Japan and around the world. Phoenix Country Club has hosted international competitions for over 40 years, featuring 27 holes. The fairways are developed within a vast Japanese black pine forest, aiming to preserve the original woods and create a challenging environment that demands precision. The annual Dunlop Phoenix Cup is held at the Country Club, making it one of Japan's premier golf courses.

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