In this place that least resembles Japan, nature has bestowed its greatest favor: a temperate climate, clear blue skies, and the vibrant turquoise sea. This is Okinawa, Japan's "Eastern Hawaii." As a subtropical marine climate region with an average annual temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, Okinawa is a paradise for golf enthusiasts, offering ideal conditions for golfing throughout the year.


- High-quality golf courses featured in the Japan Golf Tour.

- Unique local cuisine and scenery, including tofu, buckwheat noodles, and Ishigaki beef.

- Diving, surfing, swimming, and cherry blossom viewing.

- A blend of Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Japanese cultural elements in architecture and customs.

- Distinctive American influences.

- Observing daily takeoffs and landings at well-equipped U.S. Air Force bases.

- Hundreds of brand outlet stores, a shopper's paradise.

Recommended Golf Courses(The Southern Links Golf Club)

Book NowThe Southern Links Golf Club

   - The only Japanese Top 100 Golf Course in Okinawa, a must-visit.

   - Located on the east coast of Okinawa's main island, The Southern Links Golf Club boasts the most beautiful seaside golf course on the island. Recognized as Japan's foremost Lynx-style golf course, it's often referred to as the "Oriental Pebble Beach." Hosting events like the Asia Professional Golf Open in 2002 and 2003, this course features breathtaking cliffside views of the emerald sea, majestic coastlines, and lush tropical greenery, creating a harmonious connection with nature.

2·Recommended Golf Courses(Chura Orchard Golf Club Okinawa)

Book NowChura Orchard Golf Club Okinawa

   - Celebrating 45 years, with 17 years as the venue for the Japan Men's Professional Tour finale, the Daihatsu Kyoto Open. Designed by renowned Japanese architects Ryutaro Asami and Hidetake Takemura, it's a coastal hill course measuring 6,138 yards. Despite its narrow fairways and significant undulations, along with the ever-changing sea breeze, it provides both challenge and enjoyment.

3·Recommended Golf Courses(Shurei Country Club)

Book NowShurei Country Club

   - Situated on a high plateau in the scenic Chinen Peninsula, Shurei Country Club features the latest generation Seashore Paspalum grass on its greens, a rarity among Okinawa's golf courses. With spectacular views of the blue sea from many holes, particularly the 6th hole, where the "Island of the Gods," Kudaka Island, is visible, it offers an aesthetically pleasing experience.

4·Recommended Golf Courses:(Kanehide Kise Country Club)

Book NowKanehide Kise Country Club

   - Located in the central-northern part of Okinawa's main island, Kanehide Kise Country Club was constructed as an international championship-level course for the "G8 Summit" guests. With strategic fairways on a spacious course, it hosted the 2007 Japan PGA Championship. Divided into forest and seaside sections, it utilizes the Seashore Paspalum turf, and its design focuses on offering panoramic sea views, undulating greens, and challenging sand traps.

5·Recommended Golf Courses(Naha Golf Club)

Book NowNaha Golf Club

   - Established as Okinawa's first golf course after the return of Okinawa to Japan from the U.S. government post-World War II, Naha Golf Club holds a prominent position in the region. Located in the heart of the city with a relaxed island atmosphere, the course utilizes a terrain with a 14-meter elevation difference, featuring strategic bunkers around greens and six ponds, offering a layout with high strategic value.

6·Recommended Golf Courses(PGM Golf Resort Okinawa)

Book NowPGM Golf Resort Okinawa

   - Established in 1972 and redesigned by renowned designer Aoki Isao in 2017, PGM Okinawa Golf Resort is situated in the scenic Ouna leisure area on the west coast of Okinawa. Offering three courses, Bougainvillea, designed with Aoki's extensive experience in 165 PGA matches, showcases the changing natural landscapes, making it both a visually stunning and strategically challenging course. Each course utilizes natural terrain and has hosted numerous championships, gaining acclaim for their champion-caliber designs.

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