Hole 1

This hole can be played in two ways.

Firstly, for the first shot, you can clear the bunker on the right to shorten the distance to the green. Be cautious not to swing too hard, as you may find your ball landing in the long grass area on the right hill, putting you in a semi-blind position when looking at the green.

The second and safer way to play is to hit the ball to the large landing area in the center. Avoid playing downwind, as there is a risk of the ball crossing the fairway.

For the approach shot to the green, make sure to clear the bunker guarding the green, allowing the ball to roll towards the hole like a putting green, especially when the hole is positioned on the right rear of the green.

Hole 2

This hole requires the use of mid to long irons to attack the undulating large green. Before selecting a club, check the wind conditions. If reaching the green seems challenging, it is often easier to attack from the left side with two shots, avoiding the sand and grass bunkers on the right.

The green features subtle contour lines, making it difficult to gauge the difficulty of short putts. Be cautious of the slopes around the green, as they can quickly increase the ball's speed.

Hole 3

The first shot should avoid the artificial lake along the right side of the fairway. This requires a long first shot, aiming as close as possible to the right-side bunker to avoid the deep valley on the left. This strategy shortens the second shot to the green by 60-70 yards, making it more manageable.

The green is guarded by a large bunker on one side and a cleverly positioned circular bunker in the center. If your previous shot is too far to the left, your view may be obstructed by a small ridge in front of the green, turning it into a semi-blind hole.

Hole 4

One of the shortest holes but can be one of the trickiest at times. It's best to use the left side of the fairway to avoid the steep slope extending to the artificial lake on the right. Long irons or fairway woods allow the use of short irons when attacking the green.

The green is deep and features small barrel-shaped bunkers, ready for those rightward long shots that deviate from the trajectory. The exposed rocks on the left side of the green mixed with the bunkers create an obstacle that is both entertaining and challenging.

Hole 5

A sharp left dogleg with a wide fairway invites golfers to unleash powerful swings. A misdirection to the left may lead to a large valley, potentially causing difficulties due to the wind.

The green is large and flat, but protected by a steep hill on the right. The first shot to attack the green should be conservative. Take some time to appreciate the golf landscape after reaching the green.

Hole 6

Don't be fooled by the yardage; this is one of the most challenging golf holes. The fairway slopes from right to left, and the ideal flat landing spot is on the right. However, this makes the second shot more difficult, especially when the hole is positioned on the right side. There is a strategic ridge in front of the green. Swinging to the left of the centerline can provide more distance, and the angle to attack the green will be better. However, a shot veering too far left may run out of bounds.

The green is deep with numerous obstacles in the front, but there is ample space behind, so it may take an extra shot compared to what you might expect.

Hole 7

This is a fantastic par-3 hole. The daunting first shot must clear the vegetation on the right. Bunkers on the right will catch any shots deviating from the green.

The green itself slopes severely from left to right and from front to back. Regardless of the angle off the green, the second shot will be very challenging.

Hole 8

This par-5 hole is one of the most challenging finishing holes. Aim for the center of the fairway, avoiding the long grass areas on both the left and right sides to lengthen the second shot. Golfers may attempt to hit the second landing area located downhill, but the slopes on both sides of the fairway are steep, leading the ball far off course.

The green is situated on a plateau, surrounded by steep slopes. The landscape here is breathtaking.

Hole 9

The ideal first shot should go straight down the center of the fairway. To the right of the downhill fairway, there is an artificial lake guarding, and to the left, there is a valley. The bunker on the left side of the fairway is only reachable for golfers with a long drive. The second shot here is quite challenging. Be very careful when selecting the club for the second shot, as there is a steep slope in front of the green and a bunker behind.

The green itself has high contour lines. The ridge running across the middle of the green makes reaching the hole, especially located on the left rear, quite tricky.

Hole 10

This is a straight south-facing par-5 hole, allowing golfers to quickly leave the tee box. A long and shallow bunker separates the left fairway from an artificial lake. Unless the tee shot goes significantly awry, the artificial lake is not within the hitting range. The far-right bunker, distant from the tee, is also not in the hitting range unless golfers want to take advantage of the sloping slope not far past the landing point from left to right. Golfers finding their ball in the bunker will have a hard time reaching the green within two shots.

It's best to use the right side of the fairway to avoid the water on the left, finding the optimal route to attack the green. The bunkers on the left and the artificial lake make it very risky to reach the green in two shots. Using a short iron for the third shot to attack the green is easier than attempting a two-shot approach.

The large green has subtle undulations, adding a lot of fun to putting. The long bunker with twisting variations separates the green from the lake. The green slopes slightly towards the bunker and artificial lake, with the hole cup position close to the left edge. The sloping slope toward the lake makes both cut shots and long putts in that direction very thrilling.

Hole 11

This is an uphill dogleg par-4 hole with a dramatic change in direction. Golfers will aim to hit a long shot over the water and bunkers on the right to keep their ball as far away from these obstacles as possible. Landing to the right of the fairway will result in a relatively flat landing area, but this means the ball is in a lower part of the valley, requiring a long and uphill second shot. The cliff on the left side of the fairway, 20m from the edge, looks spectacular but can deter golfers from attempting a long shot on the first swing.

The green is situated between two mountain slopes. It's challenging to gauge the distance to this elevated green. If the hole cup is placed at the front of the green, a short shot attacking the green will roll back onto the fairway, providing enough space on the left for players with a lower trajectory. It's advisable to avoid the bunker on the right side of the green, offering a better landing spot than the deep valley.

Hole 12

This is a striking par-4 hole located on a plateau on the south side of the course. The best approach for the first shot is to directly clear the first bunker on the fairway. There is ample space on the left side of the fairway, avoiding golfers from directly cutting over the right side of this dogleg, potentially landing in the bunker or on the cliff on the right.

The second shot to the green, with no room for error, looks intimidating, but the water well behind the green can stop balls hit too hard. Avoid the circular bunker on the right and attack the green from the left side. From this angle, the ball can roll onto the long and sloping green. Study your putt from various angles, as the subtle slopes on the green can be deceptive.

Hole 13

A beautiful par-3 hole located on a plateau. How to attack this hole depends on the golfer's feel for the day – should they boldly aim for a birdie or play conservatively to secure par?

What makes this hole unique is that 90% of the boundary on the right side is a 30m-high cliff. If the flag is placed on the right, any shots that go too far or fall short will end up in the artificial lake below the cliff.

The left cup on the small plateau between two bunkers is equally daunting. The method to rescue the ball from here is to hit directly towards the cliff.

Hole 14

Another unique hole located on a plateau. To avoid the bunkers and grass on the right side of the fairway, precision is required in hitting the ball. Misplaced shots from here can result in lost clubs. There is ample space on the left side of the fairway, providing the best route to attack the green.

There is a steep slope 50-50 yards in front of the green. The high ground in front of the green corresponds to the steep slope behind. The bunkers on the left and right of the plateau green will swallow short iron shots. A well-executed high shot between the bunkers is an excellent way to keep the ball on the green. The green is very large, making even a three-putt likely.

Hole 15

This downhill 212-yard par-3 hole is very scenic, sloping down southward from a plateau. The green follows the lakeside in a right-to-left direction, making a slight fade the best way to attack the green.

The hourglass-shaped green has many different hole cup positions. The barrel-shaped bunker on the right creates tricky shot options for players landing on the right side. The hole cup on the left rear side may attract aggressive players, but a smarter play is to land the ball in the center of the green, allowing the contour lines to guide it to the hole. This makes this hole a truly risk-and-reward par-3.

Hole 16

In this par-5 right dogleg hole, it's best to play along the left side of the fairway to avoid the bunkers and artificial lake on the right. Aim to the right of the left fairway bunker, allowing the roll to carry your ball forward and bring it back to the center of the fairway.

There is a group of bunkers on the left side of the green, and on the right, a large bunker and a steep slope guard. If you don't intend to reach the green in two shots, there is a possibility of playing the third shot with a short iron. With a well-executed swing, there's a chance for a birdie here.

Hole 17

At 163 yards, this is the shortest hole on the course. For most golfers, it is also the most challenging and intimidating hole.

The most obvious reason for this feeling is the very shallow green, which is set diagonally to the line of play. In front of the green are bunkers and an artificial lake, and behind it is a steep cliff. A less apparent strategy for this hole is the wind blowing across the fairway from the valley. The cup position on the left rear side is the trickiest; any ball deviating slightly to the left is just three steps away from falling into the artificial lake. When the cup is at the back, it's safer to go over the middle bunker and then putt twice rather than risk falling into the lake.

Hole 18

The elevation drop between the tee box and the landing area is 6 meters, but don't expect the downhill slope to carry the ball much. Golfers may try to clear the bunker on the left side of the fairway to shorten the hole, but if the shot is too short or veers to the left, the ball may be lost. Attacking the green from this angle is a blind shot, and the safest approach is to use the wide and flat fairway, avoiding stopping the ball on the uphill slope of the green.

The undulating green is at the bottom of a steep hill. It's a good opportunity to score a birdie, but you might face a challenging 5-foot putt. 

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