Taiwan is home to numerous golf courses, with over 30 courses within a one-hour drive from Taipei. What makes Taiwanese golf particularly valuable is the high-quality service and relatively affordable green fees compared to other Asian regions. Moreover, caddie fees are typically included. Even in winter, the weather is ideal for golf, with sunshine without the sweltering heat. Golf enthusiasts are attracted to the year-round availability of courses.

**Recommended Golf Courses**

1. **Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club**

   Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club is renowned for being the closest golf course to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. This course has an excellent reputation and was selected as one of the World's Top 500 Golf Courses in 2000. It is a links-style course located by the sea, making it susceptible to the wind. Players who can leverage the wind direction or opt for low shots less affected by the wind can achieve impressive results. The course has hosted numerous domestic and international events.

2. **Taihong Golf Club**

   Taihong Golf Club stands out for its undulating terrain throughout the entire course. The closely spaced elevations on this hillside course demand precise shots. Consideration of landing points is crucial during shots, making the second and third shots either heaven or hell. The course also hosts the TLPGA (Taiwan Ladies Professional Golf Association) Championship. If you have the skills, why not give it a try?

3. **Kaohsiung Golf Club**

   Kaohsiung Golf Club is the oldest golf club in southern Taiwan. While the terrain is relatively flat, it is separated by exquisite forests, adding to the difficulty. With expansive views and an endless blue sky, the course leaves a lasting impression on golfers. Starting from the 10th hole, golfers can see a seven-story pagoda by the lakeside, a symbol of the course. The combination of natural scenery and Taiwan's urban landscape provides a visual feast for golfers.

4. **The Pa Li International Golf Course**

   Situated on a mountain overlooking the Taiwan Strait, The Pa Li International Golf Course is a beautifully landscaped course. The fairways are wide, offering many stress-free opportunities for shots. However, the strong sea breeze makes strategic wind considerations crucial. This golf course allows players to experience the natural beauty of mountains and seas.

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