Golf, as a national sport in South Korea, boasts over 400 golf courses, with many earning recognition as top 100 in Asia. Jeju Island, in particular, is hailed as the island paradise for golfers. Featuring numerous UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites, pristine forests, coastal cliffs, and over 30 high-quality golf courses, Jeju Island offers a golfing experience like no other.

**Recommended Golf Courses**

1. **Lotte Sky Hill Country Club**


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   Affiliated with the Lotte Group, Lotte Golf Club in Jeju is one of three golf clubs owned by Lotte in Korea. This 36-hole golf club, designed by the renowned Robert Trent Jones, who has designed 13 of the world's top 100 golf courses, is known for seamlessly blending golf courses with natural landscapes. The undulating fairways and challenging greens make this golf course a top-notch and enjoyable challenge. Host to various domestic and international events, it has been consistently selected as one of Korea's top 10 clubs for five consecutive years since 2009.

2. **Ecoland Golf & Resort**

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   Located in the lowest area of Mount Hannasan on Jeju Island, Ecoland Golf Club sits at an elevation of 130-180 meters. Known for its mild weather with no snow in winter, no wind, and no fog, it provides a unique playing environment. With three 9-hole courses - Stone (9 holes), Lake (9 holes), and Tree (9 holes) - totaling 27 holes, players can experience PGA Championship-standard courses with a total length of over 7,100 yards.

3. **ORA Golf Club**


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   ORA Golf Club in Jeju is one of the oldest golf clubs in South Korea, officially opening on July 22, 1979. As part of the Jeju Grand Hotel, the club covers an area of 2 million square meters. The club features three courses: East (9 holes), West (9 holes), and South (18 holes). Surrounded by lush green pine tree forests, traversing canyons in the middle of the fairways, undulating terrains, and mysterious greens, ORA Golf Club offers golfers a challenging yet enchanting natural landscape.

4. **Arden Hill Resort & Golf Club**

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   Utilizing Jeju Island's predominant tree species, including Zelkova and Cryptomeria, along with sand-fixing forests and undulating terrains resembling waves, Arden Hill Resort & Golf Club has created an 18-hole course that meets the standards of the U.S. PGA tour. As a representative luxury resort and golf club on Jeju Island, Arden Hill Resort competes favorably with world-renowned golf courses. Here, golfers can freely enjoy the elegance, quality, and fun of golf.

5. **Everis Golf & Resort**

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   With its breathtaking views complementing the 27-hole golf course, Everis Golf & Resort seamlessly blends into the natural surroundings. Offering a return to nature and ultimate relaxation, Everis Golf & Resort is a dream destination for top performers in various fields. Conveniently located just 20 minutes from Jeju Airport, adjacent to the majestic Mount Hannasan, vast grasslands, and the tumultuous sea, Everis Golf & Resort features unique hills, cliffs, sea breezes, and reeds. The Lake View course, resembling a watercolor painting, allows golfers to take in the splendid lakeside scenery.

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