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Owned and operated by the Bangkok Peninsula Hotel, Thai Country Club is widely regarded as one of the best-serviced courses in the Bangkok area. Opened in 1996, this course was designed by Denis Griffiths, then president of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, according to USPGA standards. In its second year of operation, it hosted the Asian Honda Classic, where Tiger Woods secured victory with a score of 268, 20 strokes below the standard par.

The perfect greens are the focal point of this course, and the lakes and trees interspersed between the greens add both scenic beauty and difficulty to the course.


- 2001-2008: Best Golf Course in Thailand

- 2008: Best Venue for Asian Tour Events

- 2009: Best Course and Best Clubhouse in Thailand

- 2001-2006: Asia's Best Par-3 Hole on the 6th Hole

- 2000-2007: Best Clubhouse in Asia

- 2005-2008: Venue for the Volvo Masters Asia

Located 20 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and approximately 50 minutes from downtown Bangkok, it is easily accessible. Thai Country Club attracts golf enthusiasts from many foreign companies and is particularly favored by Japanese visitors. It is known for being one of the most meticulously managed and expensive courses in Thailand.

The magnificent scenery and unique course design make it the second Thai course to enter the world's top 100 after Navatanee. From the clubhouse to the pavilions, from the fairways to the greens, a distinct European style permeates the entire experience. With excellent drainage, players can enjoy their game regardless of the rainy or dry season.

The entire course is very flat with good visibility, making it relatively easy to navigate if you play according to the course's layout. However, the rough areas of this golf course are notoriously sticky and heavy, often referred to as "Tiger Woods' rough." When entering these rough areas, it can be challenging to choose the right club based on distance, so keeping the ball on the fairway is key to a good score. As for bunkers, there are no particularly difficult or heavily guarded bunkers on the greens. The greens are relatively fast. The Par 5 7th hole on the front nine and the Par 5 14th hole on the back nine are considered classic holes, excelling in both difficulty and scenery.

In summary, with world-class facilities, professional caddies, and a variety of enjoyable holes, Thai Country Club stands unparalleled in overall golfing experience.

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