Planning your first golf game in Thailand? Here are a few things you definitely need to know:

1. About Golf Courses:

   - Generally, you play 18 holes. After 9 holes, you don't have to return to the clubhouse; you can have a quick snack or prepare something to eat in advance.

   - Each person can use one golf cart at Thai golf courses.

   - A group must have at least three players; if there are only two players, you will be paired with other golfers.

   - Some golf courses allow groups of up to five players.

2. About Caddies:

   - Each player designates one caddy.

   - Thai caddies won't give players too much advice on how to play; it's up to the players to read the lines. They mostly focus on service details.

   - You can remember a few simple Thai phrases for worry-free golf.

      - Hello: Sawadika

      - Straight: Dong Dong

      - Right: Sai

      - Left: Hua

      - Bunker: Dang Sai

      - Water: Dong Nam

      - Fast: Liuliu

      - Slow: Chacha

      - Thank you: Kob Khun Ka

3. About Rest Areas:

   - There are refreshment stands and restrooms every 3-4 holes.

   - Even if the tee box is empty, don't rush ahead. Take a break and stay hydrated.

   - Typically, water costs around 20 Thai Baht, cola about 45 Thai Baht, and sports drinks around 50 Thai Baht.

   - They also offer boiled eggs, fried chicken, chips, ice cream, and more.

   - Payments are usually accepted by card or cash. Some courses include fees in the golfing cost or have a coupon system.

4. Tipping:

   - Tip your caddy after the game.

   - In the Chinese sense, it's a tip, but in Thailand, people are accustomed to giving 300 to 500 Thai Baht.

   - If the service is not particularly good, 300 Thai Baht is sufficient.

   - You don't need to cover the tip with a small bag or tissue; it's not considered impolite to take it directly from your wallet.

   - Also, don't worry; even used banknotes are not considered impolite in Thailand.

   - If you're unsure, but since it's a tip, you won't get change, so be prepared to pay 300 to 500 Thai Baht (or 3 to 5 notes of 100 Thai Baht) before tipping.

   - Before tipping, check the number of clubs and make sure there are no valuable items left in the bag.

   - Your caddy will carry your bag to your car.

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