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Red Mountain Golf Club is the most challenging course in Phuket, and it stands out as one of the most exciting new courses in Asia. The course designer ingeniously utilized the varied terrain of a former tin mine, seamlessly integrating the abandoned mining areas into the design theme. This has given the course a unique character while establishing a connection to Phuket's significant historical periods. Designed by Jon Morrow, this 6781-yard course presents a formidable challenge.

Located within the Palm Hills Golf Club in central Phuket, Red Mountain Golf Club is 33.2 kilometers from Phuket International Airport, approximately a 34-minute drive, and 8.8 kilometers from Patong Beach, about a 14-minute drive. Tourists staying at Patong Beach can conveniently and quickly reach Red Mountain Golf Club, making it a top choice for Chinese golf enthusiasts in Phuket.

Cliffs, hills, and mines naturally blend on this course, making it the highest-elevation golf course in Thailand. The exposed mountain surfaces, rich in minerals, showcase a distinctive rugged red-brown color, giving the course its name, Red Mountain Golf Club.

The unique feature of Red Mountain Golf Club lies in its topography. There are not only changes in elevation but also many holes are shielded by cliffs and forests, requiring precise distances in narrow areas.

A standout hole is the 9th, a par-3 hole from the top of a cliff down to the ground. While not overly difficult if played well, the significant elevation difference adds an extra challenge that should not be underestimated.

The most iconic hole is the 17th (a 169-yard par-3), where golfers tee off from a ridge to a valley over 40 meters deep filled with trees. This requires exceptional mental composure, and even if the shot veers off course, the deep woods might bring a pleasant surprise if luck is on your side.

In comparison, the 18th hole, a 559-yard par-5, showcases the beauty of the course. The tee box is nestled in the forest on the mountainside, requiring golfers to launch their shots from a high point down to the fairway at the mountain's base. Driving through the woods down the hill, facing the final stretch of the fairway along the lake, the expansive view gives a refreshing feeling. This hole seamlessly combines the styles of mountain and lake courses, highlighting the charm of Red Mountain Golf Club.

As mentioned, Red Mountain Golf Club has significant elevation changes, numerous twists and turns, and occasional water hazards that can make golfers highly anxious. If visiting for the first time, you will need to heavily rely on your caddy. Unfortunately, the caddy's skill level may not match those at some top golf courses in Bangkok. If possible, this course is definitely worth playing multiple rounds.

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