Ayodhya Links Golf Club

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Address: 199 Moo 10, Boh Talo, Wangnoi, Ayutthaya 13170 Thailand

Ranked No. 1 in Thailand - Ayodhya Links Golf Club

In 2015, Ayodhya Links Golf Club secured its place among the world's top 100 golf courses, ranking No. 76 globally and among the top 100 in Asia.

Ayodhya Links Golf Club stands out as one of Asia's most unique and prestigious golf courses. It made history as the first Thai course to enter the world's top 100 rankings. Despite its name, the course has no connection to links but is situated in the oasis of Ayutthaya Province, northeast of Bangkok, designed by the renowned Australian Peter Thomson's team.

Although located outside major Thai cities, the course has gained fame within the golfing community for its superior environment and distinctive terrain. It excels in design and is renowned for its broad, firm, fast, and dynamic greens. The layout of the fairways is extremely memorable, and the total length of 7,626 yards makes this course a challenging conquest. Built on elevated terrain above a former swamp, transformed through excavation and filling, the course features streams and lakes created through irrigation.

Initially planned for 36 holes, the course eventually took the form of a standard 18-hole layout. Still, it boasts many unforgettable signature holes. Throughout the lengthy round, golfers encounter greens and water hazards strategically placed, providing a challenging yet enjoyable experience for both amateur enthusiasts and professionals, adding an element of exploration. The course hosted the World Club Championship in 2016.

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