Asia-Pacific Top 100 Golf Courses Ranking NO.38 Ayodhya Links Golf Club

*Course Introduction:

Ranked 76th in the World Top 100 and 36th in the Asia Top 100, Ayodhya Links Golf Club stands out as one of the most outstanding championship courses designed by Peter Thomson & Ross Perrett, with a total length of 7,626 yards. It successfully hosted the World Golf Club Championship in 2016.

Ayodhya Links Golf Club is Thailand's most private and exclusive members-only club, often considered the most challenging course to book in Thailand. Established in 2007 by 30 of Thailand's wealthiest individuals, it is one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Asia. The 18-hole, par-72 course spans 7,626 yards and is located approximately 70 kilometers north of Bangkok, just before the ancient city of Ayutthaya. As a formal members-only course, visitors can only play accompanied by a member, and each group of visitors is limited to three people. Therefore, if more than four visitors want to play, they must play at least one round with two members.

Built on a swampy area that was excavated and filled, creating undulating terrain, the course was initially planned with 36 holes but eventually formed a standard 18-hole course. This makes the course expansive, naturally atmospheric, and, with its outstanding design, extremely strategic and challenging, rightfully earning its place as Thailand's No. 1 course.

The layout of the fairways is highly memorable. The entire course features many undulating fairways, starting from the second hole, where there are few opportunities to hit from a flat position. Therefore, there is a high possibility of hitting off-course, bending, or not reaching the expected distance. The placement of obstacles such as lakes and bunkers is very clever, so even the slightest mistake can lead to trouble.

The greens are expansive, firm, fast, and full of variation. With a speed exceeding 10.3, it glides smoothly downhill but is very heavy uphill, making some areas challenging. If you can't handle uphill shots, the ball may roll back to its original position. Therefore, it's important to practice putting on the greens before starting the official round to get a good feel.

In terms of maintenance, the course is in excellent condition. Since only 20 groups are allowed to play one round each day, caddies are well-trained and can even repair divots on the fairways. The course has excellent drainage facilities, allowing golf carts to travel on the fairways even in heavy rain, so the course conditions are almost the same as on sunny days, even in light rain.

The clubhouse does not use pesticides, so there is no odor, and the water is very clear, attracting many wild birds. The parking lot is located in the basement of the clubhouse, allowing players to enter the clubhouse without getting wet, even in the rain.

*BaiGolf Golfer Contributions:

This is a challenging course. The fairways are not flat, surrounded by water and bunkers, and the greens are fast and towering. This course requires good technique, hitting different shots under different conditions, and my caddy and I had very in-depth discussions about each shot. I think this is a very good course, challenging for advanced players. It is definitely one of the best golf courses in Thailand.

*BaiGolf Golfer Contributions:

A very ceremonial round of golf, haven't had this feeling in a long time, and it's a completely different experience from the old Scottish courses. The reservation process is also relatively agonizing; the course is very famous, so there were no tee times half a month in advance, only on the waiting list. Fortunately, two days before the game, tee times were released, and I was able to successfully book. After booking, you need a member to lead, so you need to communicate with the member in advance. Since I don't speak English, I communicated through customer service personnel, and although the booking process was troublesome, I felt it was very worthwhile after playing.

*BaiGolf Golfer Contributions:

After booking, the customer service provided a lot of operational procedures and precautions for the day. I was very worried about the process of playing golf, after all, this is a private club. On the day of the game, I met with the member at the gas station next to the golf course. The member very politely took us to the clubhouse, opened the card, and the whole process of playing golf went smoothly, a perfect golf experience in Thailand.

*For more course information and reservations: Ayodhya Links Golf Club

*BaiGolf Pro Tip: Championship-level course, perfect turf, excellent scenery. Please book at least half a month in advance.

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