Golf is very popular in Thailand, but there are also some very special courses that are not accessible to the general public. They are called "five-star courses," and there are even more rare "six-star courses" than five-star ones. Today, BaiGolf is introducing the highly acclaimed Ayodhya Links Golf in Thailand.

In the 2015 rankings of the "World's Top 100 Golf Courses" by the American Golf Magazine, it was the first ASEAN course to rank 76th. Despite having the space to build over 36 holes, only 18 holes are set up, and at most, only 4 players can tee off every 15 minutes, almost twice the time for the next group of players at regular golf courses.

This makes the course luxurious, designed specifically for business entertainment, with no players in sight from all directions, and no one between holes, making you feel like you own the entire course. The course is well-connected, and you can complete 18 holes in four hours.

This is a members-only course, with membership limited to less than 500 people, which is rare and gives a very special feeling. In addition, the number of players per day is also limited (about 20 groups). (You can make reservations through BaiGolf.)

Characteristics of the Golf Course

The area of Pathum Thani is a flat area but has been filled with soil and cultivated. There are many undulating and wavy sloping fairways, challenging with uneven terrain.

The course is quite long, demanding for beginners, suitable for intermediate and advanced players. The greens are quite large but always elevated, with a fast speed, making it difficult to stop the ball without accurate putting skills and spin. In addition, the greens have a steep slope, adding to the difficulty.

Golf Course Photos

Practice Range

The practice range is free, and you can hit balls on real grass. The condition of the range is quite good for a practice facility, allowing for very valuable practice. We recommend coming early to practice, as it's a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the course.

Dress Code

Thailand's golf courses generally have a relatively casual dress code, but what sets this golf course apart is that it has specific dress requirements. Please adhere to the relevant regulations to avoid being disrespectful to the members. Sandals are not allowed, T-shirts are not allowed, a belt is required, and shirts must be tucked in, but shorts are allowed.


The course is over 6,400 yards from the white tees, highly challenging and suitable for intermediate to advanced players. Teeing off from the blue tees and beyond, the distance of over 7,000 yards is a different world. The course itself is spacious, but there are many water hazards, making it easy to lose balls.

In Conclusion

Ayodhya Links Golf Club is Thailand's highest-level, super-authentic course. The difficulty of the course is among the top in Thailand, but playing on such a course is a truly great experience. The number of members here is quite small, making the opportunity to play very precious. If you have the chance to be invited to play, cancel everything else and make it your top priority.

For more information about the course and BaiGolf reservations: Ayodhya Links Golf Club

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