Asia-Pacific Top 100 Courses Ranking No. 76 Amata Spring Country Club

* Course Introduction:

The Amata Spring Country Club hosted the Asia-Europe Men's Golf Team Championship – the Royal Cup in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010. In 2009, the then rising star Ryo Ishikawa's performance at the Royal Cup caught everyone's attention. From 2011 to 2015, the Asian Tour's Thailand Golf Championship took place here, with world-class players like Sergio Garcia winning awards.

Amata Spring Country Club features 18 holes with a total length of 7,450 yards, designed based on the Championship Cup Golf Course. The course crosses a river and has two large lakeside areas. There are as many as 84 bunkers, all designed in a petal-shaped pattern with a deeper front and shallower back, often placed in front and on the sides of elevated greens, disrupting players' vision and making it difficult to judge the distance to the flag.

The course design doesn't blindly pursue difficulty but also values aesthetics, leaving a lasting impression. The interesting island green of Hole 17, a par-3, has always been a pride of Amata Spring Country Club. Surrounded by water on all sides, what makes it special is that it is the world's second and Asia's only floating green. This artificial green has no support and appears to float in the middle of a 22-meter deep lake.

Facing this 145-yard par-3, if you successfully hit the green, a boat will pick you up and take you to the green, waiting to transport you back to the shore after you putt, providing a particularly fresh and fun experience. The club deliberately places the drop zone above the floating green, allowing golfers to experience being boated to the green even if their shots end up in the water.

*BaiGolf Player's Share:

It's a flat course; pay attention not to let your shots curve instead of going straight up. For a championship course, the greens are not overly difficult. The grass around the greens is well-trimmed, and many times you can putt from outside the greens.

*BaiGolf Player's Share:

The view of the course from the clubhouse is indeed spectacular and leaves a deep impression. As the course is located in an industrial area, you might hear the sounds of factories in certain parts of the course.

*BaiGolf Player's Share:

A golf course worth experiencing. The course is beautiful, and the maintenance is excellent. The most special experience is the par-3 island green floating on the water. After hitting the green, you must take a boat to the island green. Along the way, you can sprinkle fish food to feed the fish while traveling to the island green.

*For more information and reservations: Amata Spring Country Club

*BaiGolf Tips: What's unique is that the green fees already include tips for the caddies. If you are very satisfied with the caddy's work, you can discreetly give them additional tips when transitioning from the 17th hole to the 18th hole.

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