Thailand is a country where golf is exceptionally popular, boasting over 250 golf courses nationwide. With numerous courses, it naturally attracts a large number of golf enthusiasts.

Whether you reside in Thailand or are a visitor, playing golf in Thailand is undoubtedly a fulfilling sightseeing experience. You get to play in the unique and warm climate of Southeast Asia amidst nature.

Today, we introduce you to Thailand's renowned golf course - Amata Spring Country Club. Opened in 2005, it stands as one of Thailand's most prestigious golf courses, designed by Lee Schmidt and Brian Currie. The course has hosted a US Golf Championship, won by Tiger Woods. In 2011, Rory McIlroy and other players participated in the Thailand Championship, further elevating the global reputation of this course.

For those living in Thailand, this golf course is a must-play, boasting not only scenic beauty but also a well-trained staff providing top-notch hospitality. It is an esteemed course accessible only with the accompaniment of club members (booking available through BaiGolf).

Golf Course Features:

Amata Spring Country Club has a large pond in the middle, surrounding each hole.

The course features numerous water hazards, lakes, and strategically positioned bunkers designed to create a strategic layout.

The terrain is mostly flat with minor undulations, but obstacles are well-placed.

Despite the challenges, the course itself is spacious and forgiving for those prone to slicing the ball.

The greens are elevated, requiring precise shot-making skills.

On-Course Photos:

▼Signature Hole - Hole 17

The highlight of the course is the famous 17th hole - the Floating Island Green. It poses a unique challenge to hit the ball onto a small floating island against the wind. After teeing off, you must cross the green by boat, making it an incredibly attractive hole. Feeding fish (tambun) from the boat adds to the fun experience.

Practice Facility:

You can use the practice facility for free, hitting balls on real grass.

The condition of the balls on the practice range is quite good, allowing for valuable practice.

It is recommended to arrive early for practice.

Both putting and chipping can be practiced thoroughly.


Starting from the white tee, the course measures just over 6000 yards, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced players.

The wide and well-designed layout makes it less prone to losing balls.

Clubhouse Highlights:

As expected from a renowned Thai course, every aspect from the clubhouse to the restaurant is top-notch.


Pro Shop


Even if you're not playing golf, the restaurants in the Amata Nakorn area offer lunch options.

There are two restaurants: "EL Nino" (International cuisine) and "Diciotto" (Italian cuisine).


Eating Italian food on a golf course gives a special feeling, and the quality of the restaurant here is impressive. It's a great choice for entertaining guests. The restaurant is located to the left of the clubhouse entrance, right next to the men's locker room. The squid ink risotto and pizza are recommended dishes.

EL Nino:

EL Nino (International cuisine) is another excellent restaurant. Breakfast on the terrace is highly recommended, offering a view of the 18th hole and the Floating Island. The restaurant also offers a variety of beverages for a longer, more enjoyable stay.

In conclusion, without exaggeration, Amata Spring Country Club is one of the best golf courses among Thailand's many renowned courses. The only downside is that it's a bit pricey – but well worth it! For more information and bookings, visit: [Amata Spring Country Club]