Key Points: Overseas golf tourism is heating up rapidly; Guangdong region is still the first choice for domestic golf travel; Southeast Asia has become the hottest region for overseas golf tourism; Japan has become the country with the largest number of overseas golf tourists.

1. Overall Trend of Golf Tourism


Traveling golfers, 89% of the players still choose to play at home.

Overseas golf tourism is heating up rapidly, and 11% of the players who traveled during the National Day holiday chose to play overseas. The disappearance of the impact of the epidemic, the liberalization of overseas travel visas, the increase in direct flights, and the big jump in airfares have all contributed to this year's boom in overseas golf travel.


2.domestic golf travel


Guangdong region is still the first choice for domestic golf travel. Guangdong is the first province of golf, with a large population of golfers and a wide distribution of golf courses, and golfers choose to play mainly in this province.

Shandong has become the hottest domestic inter-provincial golf travel destination this year due to its pleasant climate and lower playing prices; Hainan, as a traditional inter-provincial golf travel destination, ended the dismal situation in the summer of this year, and began to gradually regain popularity during the National Day holiday.

Yunnan in this National Day golf travel data fell significantly, mainly from the reduction in the number of courses, high prices, as well as the loss of climate advantages during the National Day and other factors.


3.Proportion of Overseas Traveling Regions


Southeast Asia became the most popular region for overseas golf travel;

The total number of players traveling to Southeast Asian countries accounted for 51%, with Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia being the main Southeast Asian golf travel destinations. Among them, Thailand remains the most popular Southeast Asian country, with 24% of golfers choosing to play in Thailand. A wide choice of courses, good value for money and overall low consumption are the main factors for golfers to choose Thailand.


Japan became the country with the highest number of overseas golf travelers;

Japan is the most rapid rebound in the National Day holiday golf popular countries, Japan tourist visa liberalization in August, China-Japan relations, "political cold economic hot" pattern, the North and Hong Kong direct flights to Japan a large number of increased, etc. are mainland China to Japan golfers rapid increase in the reasons.


South Korea due to the Jeju Island visa-free, coupled with the proximity of the country, has also become one of the destinations chosen by many domestic players.


*The above analysis data comes from a sample of 8,141 golfers who traveled from September 23, 2023 to October 8, 2023 on the BaiGolf Platform.


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