Nidom Classic Course
These were the charming and strategical golfing holes which greatly inspire the golfers.
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Hokkaido Country Club
The 18 holes inspiring hilly course was flat, and there were ball on up and down slopes, and was abundant in changes.
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Tarumae Country Club
This was a Hokkaido style course with long distance, golfers will enjoy the view of Pacific and Tarumayama.
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It is a course with abundant changes. The wisdom of distance management, teeing, lies is required for the strategical course.
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Hayakita Country Club
The north fairway is wide and covers long distances, long balls or curving shots are available in the course.
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Tsukisappu Golf Club
This is a forest golf course with mild slopes. Every golf hole is separated by pine trees and white birches. The putting green is big.
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Shinsapporodai Golf Club
The fairways in the course are wide and flat which make the course very popular among beginners. The course is also suitable for ladies.
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Shinsapporo Washington Golf Club
The luxurious club has a public open bath which is very popular among ladies
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Shinkushiro Golf Club
The height difference is 40 meters in the course, golfers can view the pacific from the high ground. The holes are flat and it will be tiring when golfing among them.
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Windsor Great Peak of Toya
The course which overlooks Toyaku at the east and Uchiura Bay at the west was designed and conducted by the professional golfer Qingshui Chen.
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Muroran Golf Club
The one of the best hilly clubs within Japan was designed by Seiichi Inoue. The mild sloped 18 holes course is featured with diving turret greens.
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Kamishihoro Golf Ground
The hilly championship course which cleverly adopted the nature geo graphic overlooks Tokachi plain, golfers will feel the spectacular nature in the course.
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Tomakomai Golf Resort 72 Emina Golf Club
The course is a traditional designed and strategically rich course which is located in the splendid nature of Hokkaido. The 72 holes course is one of the 4 biggest courses within Japan.
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Shakespeare Country Club
The golf holes are famous for Shakespeare’s work, and with different meanings. For example No.1 and No.10 hole were famous for Romeo and Juliet.
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Chitose Inter Golf Club
The Chitose Inter Golf Club provides a flat forest course. Fairways and putting greens which are adapted from natural geo graphic receive compliments from golfers.
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Memanbetsu Golf Course
This is an 18 holes hilly course where golfers are able to overlook Akan · Shiretoko mountain.
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Dream Tomakomai Golf Club
The hilly 18 holes course is unfolded in the embrace of Tarumaeyama. Golfers will be able to overlook the forests, lakes in the course, therefore golfers in Hokkaido and domestic love the course.
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Takikawamarukakogen Country Club
This is a hilly course that was built on the terrain of Marukasan Plateau. Each course was separated white birch and woods.
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Biggusugi Golf Club
The hilly course is in height differences, but it has become flat after modification. The fairways are wide, therefore golfing aggressively will be easier for scoring.
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Rusutsu Resort Golf 72 Tower Course
This is the biggest 72 holes golf course within Hokkaido, and there are 4 18holes courses which feature in different way, golfers can choose one of them by their styles.
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Rusutsurizotogorufu 72 Izumikawa Course
The flat and splendid course is surrounded by white birches, coniferous forests and water plantains, also some other colorful plants.
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Rusutsurizotogorufu 72 River Wood Course
The course challenging with its layout. And this is a high end 18 holes course even professional golfers will praise its vivid features
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Rusutsurizotogorufu 72 River Course
Please do enjoy the fun of golfing in the par 72 course also the wonderful overlooking view of Hidenori Yotei.
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Happy Valley Golf Club Sapporo
This is a strategies required golf course which will show the charm of Hokkaido golfing.
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Hanazono Golf
The front nine is among with forest while the back nine is in a hilly area. Golf holes, views, changing layouts and different slopes will make full enjoyments to golfers.
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Hakodate KG Country Club
he hilly course is overlooking City Hakodate, Hakodateyama, Tsugaru Strait. And the night view is wonderful.
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Hakodate Seaside Country Club
The course is separated by trees which are with over 100 years of histories, and the design of the course cleverly used the nature. Golfers will be able to overlook Shimokita and Tsugaru peninsula and
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Hakodate Park Country Club
The 18 holes golf course cover 800,000 square meters, there are fairways wide like Hokkaido with 650 yards for long holes, and they are challenging.
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Golf 5 Country Bibo course
There are unique slopes on the fairway and cleverly used 7 lakes. The large scale putting greens were equipped with hazards to prevent golfers from withdrawing.
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Clark Country Club
The east, middle, and west course are magnificent, and are full of strategical features that required both offense and defense.
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Furano Golf Course
Palmer covers long distances, and the matches required strategies. The King’s course is covers shorter distance, beginners will enjoy the golfing in here.
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Noboribetsu Country Club
Blessed by the nature, the course occupied 370,000 square meters and was backgrounded with primitive forest and valley also the spectacular Hokkaido.
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Accordia Golf Onuma Lake Golf Club
The club provides the large Onuma course, and when standing in the small Onuma course golfer will be able to see Komagatake course.
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Onuma Kokusai Country Club
The wide bent turf putting green 18 holes course covers 7,130 yards in total.
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Great Asahikawa Country Club
Backgrounded by the magnificent snow covering mountain, the course fully adapted the terrain of nature.
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Kushirofurin Country Club
The courses were separated by White birch and Ezomatsu, and golfers will enjoy the seasons within these course.
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Chateraise Country Club Sapporo
The ease course is facing the magnificent Hokkaido and the west course requires accuracy, the north course is special.
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Hokkaido Country Club Prince Course (Former Hakodate Onuma Prince Golf Course)
The country club course overlooks Komagatake, and spreads all the way to Onuma Quasi-National Park, golfers should golf with strategies in here.
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Hokkaido Links Country Club
The wide fairway make full experiences of Hokkaido view.The course is embraced by the nature and golfers can enjoy the unique view of Hokkaido in the course.
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Hokkaido Classic Golf Club Obihiro(Hokkaido Maple GC)
It will be fun golfing in the course. The overall layout is for the baffy. There are 13 different sizes of water hazards in the course which are the key to strategies.
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Hokkaido Classic Golf Club Obihiro
This is a strategical course that use natural birch forests as decoration and bent grass as turf. The hilly course is a wide course with spreading fairway, distances among holes are relatively long.
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Uena River Hill Golf Club
15minutes of driving from New Chitose Airport, this is a renowned golf course with abundant natural features, with mild drop and little undulating fairways.
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Hokkaido Golf Club
The course is surrounded by Hokkaido features. We sincerely await your arrival.
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Hokkaido Brooks Country Club
The front nine of the hilly course adopted the natural geo features and coniferous trees. The OB lines are surprisingly close to the course and there are many golf holes require strategical thinking.
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SIR Le peta c Golf Course
It is not exactly a country club, the name of the club combines the French and Aunian. The course holds the idea of Human with Human, Cultures with Cultures, Hearts and Hearts.
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