Jade Lantern Hole

A PAR 4 with a length of 386 yards and HDCP12. The fairway is set amid picturesque mountains, clear waters, and vibrant flowers. Sand traps on both sides of the landing point and deep bunkers on either side of the green make a bold first shot crucial for a good score.


Ridge Southern Hole

A PAR 3 spanning 205 yards with HDCP14. Nestled in the beauty of southern ridges, with changing bunkers on both sides, coupled with a gentle green, it adds a challenging element to the game.


Emerald Bamboo Hole

A PAR 4 stretching 385 yards with HDCP8. The fairway is set amidst the ecological haven of emerald bamboo, intercepted by sand traps, and flanked by bunkers before and after the green. The ideal first shot direction is to the left, avoiding sand traps on the uphill.


Devil's Hole

A PAR 5 covering 548 yards with HDCP4. The first landing point is between two lakes, and a shot exceeding 270 yards on the first attempt may result in water hazards. The second shot can directly hit the green over the artificial lake, but a long sand trap in front of the green requires caution.


Xianxia Hole

A PAR 4 spanning 403 yards with HDCP10. As the sunlight pierces through the jungle, the picturesque scene is breathtaking. The best direction for the first shot is to clear the right-side bunker, providing an excellent chance to score a birdie.


Panlong Hole

A PAR 3 covering 186 yards with HDCP18. The fairway lies in a valley, presenting a natural and unique form. The wide surroundings of the green make achieving PAR relatively easy.


Lake Light Hole

A PAR 4 with a length of 438 yards and HDCP2. Positioned on the tee early in the morning, the scenic lake view unfolds, offering a challenging and lengthy PAR 4. The ideal first shot is to the right of the fairway, avoiding the large bunker on the left side of the green.

Azure Wave Hole

A PAR 4 stretching 398 yards with HDCP16. The green is positioned on the edge of the lake. Careful consideration of the distance is needed for the first shot. If unsure, hitting towards the right may result in the ball rolling onto the green unexpectedly.


Peach Source Hole

A PAR 5 spanning 562 yards with HDCP6. The fairway runs along the lake, with bunkers on both sides. A comfortable shot towards the center of the fairway is recommended for the first shot. To reach the green in the second shot, a distance of over 230 yards is required.


Penglai Hole

A PAR 4 covering 423 yards with HDCP7. The surreal ambiance of Penglai is not an exaggeration. Eleven sand traps and numerous bunkers make the course challenging, with unpredictable undulations on the green. A cautious approach is required for a good score.


Hometown Hole

A PAR 4 with a length of 383 yards and HDCP15. The closest hole to the village is a right dogleg. Players with long shots have the opportunity to reach the edge of the green in one shot, showcasing three-tiered greens that demand careful consideration.


Water Hole

A PAR 3 covering 165 yards with HDCP17. The water hole is an island green, surrounded by water on all sides. A picturesque wooden bridge leads to the island, making it the most likely hole for a hole-in-one or the highest number of lost balls.


Double Lake Hole

A PAR 4 with a length of 392 yards and HDCP11. The fairway is situated between two lakes, and each landing point is narrow. A shot towards the right side of the bunker is recommended to avoid the large sand traps in front of the green on the right.


Qifeng Hole

A PAR 4 spanning 398 yards with HDCP13. As you ascend the tiered tee with a significant drop, the view of the ecological paradise conservation area is breathtaking. It features the largest elevation drop among all eighteen holes. The best direction for the first shot is to the left of the fairway, favoring the second shot to the green.


Wisdom Hole 

A PAR 5 covering 520 yards with HDCP9. Five large sand traps in the center of the fairway divide it into two sections—higher on the left and lower on the right. The right side provides an opportunity for a direct shot to the green in the second shot but requires flying over a hundred meters of the lake and two high sand traps. Taking a safer approach from the left still challenges your putting skills with the undulating green. 


Canyon Hole 

A PAR 4 stretching 440 yards with HDCP3. The fairway is built between two mountains, making it the longest middle hole. Over seventy meters of sand traps surround the green, offering a considerable challenge.



Overlake Hole 

A PAR 3 and the most challenging three-par hole. A natural lake separates the green from the tee, requiring the ball to fly over the water. It also demands conquering bunkers on both sides and a narrow, elongated green.



Triumph Hole 

A PAR 5 covering 588 yards with HDCP1. The tee is surrounded by a variety of flowers, and a small stream flows gently on the right side. This is the most relaxing yet challenging fairway. It starts wide and narrows down gradually, presenting the longest and most difficult hole. To triumphantly return, every shot must be focused to leave behind beautiful memories.

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