Beijing Badaling Ski Resort

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Open date:日场营业时间 08:00-17:00
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Beijing Badaling Ski Resort is an international ski resort invested and constructed by Beijing Xiecheng Real Estate Agency Co., Ltd. Adjacent to the Badaling Great Wall scenic spot, with a total area of 3 million square meters and an investment of 300 million yuan.

     Badaling Ski Resort is a 3A-level scenic spot integrating accommodation, catering, entertainment, conference and vacation. Can provide you with skiing, accommodation, dining, entertainment, conference training, free wifi, outdoor mountaineering, lake fishing, bonfire party, self-barbecue, outreach training, cross-country track, KTV, bar, real cs, Qin Great Wall Secret, aerial Excursions, children's play in the snow park, winter camps and other projects. The total construction area is more than 15,000 square meters, European architectural style, convenient transportation, complete supporting facilities and beautiful environment. The hotel has 72 four-star standard rooms, including 37 standard double rooms, 9 standard triple rooms, 22 Korean tatami mats, and 4 deluxe suites. The room is equipped with cable TV programs, wireless network, 24-hour hot water, commodity department and other supporting facilities. Including more than 2,000 square meters of Chinese and Western specialty restaurants, water bars, nearly 1,000 square meters of multifunctional halls, small and medium-sized conference halls and large conference halls that can accommodate 200 people; 4,000 square meters of ski equipment hall, providing you with a variety of domestic and foreign A full set of ski equipment such as single and double boards; the ski trail has two 800-meter-long primary slides, two 600-meter-long intermediate slides, and 4 snow blankets. An 800-meter-long and 160-meter-long high-level slide; a 240-meter-long and 70-meter-wide special snowboard park; multiple 300-meter-long snow UFO tracks; a four-person chairlift, with a one-way transportation capacity per hour 1200 people will greatly facilitate beginner skiers.

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Badaling Ski Resort Hotel is a high-end foreign-related four-star hotel integrating accommodation, catering, entertainment, conferences and vacations. The total construction area exceeds 15,000 square meters. It has European-style architecture, convenient transportation, complete supporting facilities and beautiful environment. The hotel has 37 standard double rooms, 9 standard triple rooms, 11 standard double rooms, 22 Korean tatami mats, and 3 deluxe suites. The room is equipped with cable TV programs, wireless network, 24-hour hot water, bar, merchandise department and other supporting facilities

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The 919 ski resort line is direct, the specific time is as follows:

Monday to Sunday:

Beijing Deshengmen-Badaling Ski Resort

8:30, 9:00 am

Badaling Ski Resort——Beijing Deshengmen

15:30, 16:00 pm


1. Enter the Qinghe Toll Station of the Jingchang Expressway (Badaling Expressway) to the No. 18 exit of Badaling, turn left along the exit of the Safari Park parking lot, and go straight for 3 kilometers to the west.

2. After the 3rd or 4th ring road turns into the Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, enter the Fifth Ring Road, from Shangqing Station to the Badaling Expressway, and then follow the above line a, which is convenient for guests in the east of Beijing.

3. From the northbound of Wanquanhe Bridge on the Fourth Ring Road, turn left at the end of Yongfeng South Road and turn left into Beiqing Road, turn left at Wenquan intersection, pass through Yangfang to South Exit, enter Badaling Expressway, and then follow route a, which is conveniently located in Beijing Western guests. Bus route Deshengmen: Take No. 919 (five minutes to Yanqing direction) and get off at Xibozi Station, and go ahead for 20 minutes (or take a taxi, go ahead for 5 minutes).


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