Dalian Linhai Ski Resort, Liaoning

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Business hour:日场8:30-16:30 夜场 15:30-20:30 下午场+夜场12:00-20:30
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Linhai Ski Resort is located in Nangou Village, Yingchengzi Town, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, only 15 kilometers away from Zhoushuizi International Airport, covering an area of more than 590,000 square meters. It is connected to the main city area to the east, Jinlong Temple National Forest Park to the west, Lushun Middle Road and Chaan Village Farmhouse Park to the south, and Xiajiahe Beach Bathing Beach to the north. It has an excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. It can be reached in 30 minutes by car from all districts in the city. With the implementation of the "Greater Dalian" strategy of expanding north to west, the reconstruction and expansion of Lushun Middle Scenery Road has been successfully completed. The planned Qianhuang Road and Shuangjin Road will be completed in 2006. By then, the road to the ski resort can be described as Extending in all directions, convenient and fast.

Linhai Ski Resort has become a comprehensive service facility of more than 4,000 square meters, including a ski hall of 1,200 square meters, a complex building of 2,500 square meters, 8 sets of three-star standard rooms, 40 square meters of Japanese style The two restaurants of 700 square meters in the lounge hall can accommodate 450 people at the same time. There are also mini coffee bars, small meeting rooms and related facilities to provide tourists with quality services at any time.

Introduction to Linhai Ski Resort There are 7 ski trails in the ski resort. Among them, there is 1 primary ski trail with a length of 300 meters; 1 intermediate ski trail with a length of 400 meters; 2 advanced ski trails with a length of 1000 meters and 800 meters respectively; 1 children's ski trail with a length of 80 meters ; 1 teaching ski trail, 150 meters long, with a total area of 8,000 square meters. In addition, 1 large tow truck is installed; 2 aerial ropeways; 1 80-meter snow walking ladder. The entire ski resort covers an area of 160,000 square meters and can accommodate 8,000 people to ski at the same time. It is the largest ski resort in southern Liaoning. In addition to alpine skiing, there are snow flying saucers, tasteful snow sculptures, ethnic yurts, roasted whole lamb and other related supporting facilities and projects.

Linhai Snow Resort Service In order to ensure the improvement of the quality of snow paving on the piste, we have imported a number of advanced snow making and snow pressing equipment from abroad to meet the needs of the majority of ski lovers. We have hired well-known ski instructors across the country and a group of experienced Professional management personnel, after several years of operation, have been praised by the general public. It is a good place for Dalian citizens to ski in winter. In 2004, it was named as Winter 3S Sports Base by Dalian Municipal Government and Municipal Tourism Bureau, and National Volkswagen Cup Skiing in 2005-2006 The tour will be held here. The future Linhai Ski Resort will be dominated by winter skiing, supplemented by outings and camping in spring, expansion in summer, and picking in autumn.

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The 700-square-meter restaurant can accommodate 450 people at the same time. There is also a mini coffee bar, small meeting rooms and related facilities to provide tourists with quality services at any time

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Self-driving route

① Linhai Ski Resort is only a 15-minute drive from the airport and Malan Square. With the opening of Lushun Middle Road and Qianhuang Road one after another, it will take 30 minutes to reach each by car from the city.

② Citizens from Shahekou Railway Station to the north of Dalian Station, development zone and Jinzhou District can pass the airport from North Road to Qianmu Reservoir, turn left into Qianhuang Road, and arrive in 3 minutes according to the signs.

③ Citizens from Shahekou Railway Station to the south of Dalian Station and the north of Xinghai Park can pass through Malan Square from Lushun Middle Road to Hongqi Town Chaan Village, turn right into Qianhuang Road, and follow the signs for 3 minutes to arrive.

④ Citizens in Heishijiao and Hi-tech Park can pass through East Software Information College or Polytechnic University and enter Lushun Middle Road from "Hongling Road". Same as above, they can reach the ski resort.

bus routes

Take the Jianshe Street-Daheishi bus to Qiaoshan Cemetery and take a taxi to Nangou Village


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