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The capital of the north and the romantic city, Dalian has added a skiing and snow play sports venue. Tianxuegong Snow Sports City is located in Jinzhou Stadium, Dalian Jinzhou Commercial Circle, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. It is a large-scale snow sports project integrating ski fitness and children's play in the snow. The stadium has complete facilities, excellent ski equipment, an imported 100-meter automatic walking ladder, a tall lounge, and a professional ski instructor team. In addition, the Sports City has "three most": Dalian's most creative high-altitude skiing; Dalian's longest UFO slide; Dalian's largest children's play area. There are a complete range of children's play snow props, allowing you and your children to find happiness in leisure sports. Tianxue Palace carefully prepared delicious lunch and drinks for you. After eating and drinking, let us rush to the snow stage together. There are plenty of parking spaces and convenient transportation in front of the stadium. There are nearly 10 bus lines leading to Jinzhou, Development Zone, Dalian and other places. This is the kingdom of snow, and it is also the world of fairy tales. It is the best place for leisure sports.

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Freestyle ski park
High-altitude skiing, children's play and snow sports area, snow interaction, adventure adventure, space base, and children’s club are composed of six areas, including a variety of snow activities, snow flying saucers, snow spaceships, unpowered snowmobiles, and four snowmobiles. Driving, snowmobiles, children's mini snowmobiles, snow mountain adventures, snow tanks, snow blankets, snow zorb balls, ski films, etc.

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