Liaoning Tieling Xiaomaju Ski Resort

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Business hour:08:00-17:00
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Tieling Lvyuan Xiaomaju Ski Resort is located at the foot of Panlong Mountain in the beautiful Changbai Mountains. It is located in Guantai Industrial Park and Shenbei New City, with the water of Fanhe River in the east and Harbin-Dalian Expressway and National Highway 102 in the west. Built around the mountain, the air is fresh and pleasant, the scenery is beautiful, and the environment is elegant. It is an ideal place for travel and vacation. The ski resort covers an area of 4.2 square kilometers, integrating professional cross-country ski training and alpine skiing sports. It can accommodate thousands of people at the same time for alpine skiing, snow ring, snow sledge, snowmobile and other snow entertainment. There are ski poles, snowboards, and other high-end ski equipment. The 2009-2010 snow season was newly installed and built two standard intermediate and high-level ski trails with a total length of more than 1,300 meters, equipped with a double aerial cable car, two beginner ski trails suitable for beginners, equipped with large drag ropes, new Add a snowboard dedicated snow track and snowboard park. There is a ski equipment rental and exclusive store in the ski hall with a daily reception capacity of more than 2,000 people. There is a convenient parking lot, a green ecological restaurant and a club-style standard guest room. Bathing center in the resort. It also has a professional ski school and hires national professional coaches to teach, which allows you to master skiing skills safely, easily and quickly, and experience the fun of skiing, and enjoy the beauty of ecological skiing...

Pegasus Road: (Elementary Road) is 300 meters long, with a maximum slope of 10, a minimum slope of 3, and an average width of 50 meters. The slope is relatively gentle. It is suitable for popular skiers and junior skiers. It is popular among skiers and is known as "Ideal Snow Road".

Tianma Road: (Intermediate Road) is more than 700 meters long, with a maximum slope of 14, a minimum slope of 8, and an average width of 26 meters. Generally, the snow conditions are better. When it snows, everyone can experience the fun of wild snow here.

Galloping Horse Road: (Advanced Road) is more than 800 meters long, with a maximum slope of 21, a minimum slope of 8, and an average width of 40 meters. It is also called the "Brave Road".

Snowboard lane: 180 meters in length, maximum slope 18, minimum slope 6, and average width 70 meters. To meet the needs of snowboarders, the Snowboard Park of Luyuan Maju Ski Resort was officially put into use in 2009. Snowboard Enthusiasts can show off air slalom, air grabbing, and somersaults. It is an ideal space for professional skiers to show their skills and entertain the snow!

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Beijing-Harbin Line, southern section of Chaihe Street


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