Beijing Jundu Mountain Ski Resort

No.588, Zhenshun Village, Cuicun Town, Changping DView on map

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Business hour:待定
Open date:营业时间为8:00-22:00;日场8:00-18:00,夜场17:00-22:00。
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Beijing Jundu Mountain Ski Resort is located in the famous Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Scenic Resort in Changping, and is the closest ski resort (more than 30 kilometers) from the city. The snow-making area of the ski resort is 150,000 square meters, and there are more than 6,000 square meters of comprehensive service facilities. It is currently one of the largest ski resorts in Beijing. In the ski resort, there are not only junior high school and advanced ski trails for different tourists to choose from, but also mini ski trails for children to play.

   The primary, intermediate, and advanced ski trails are designed in strict accordance with international standards and the characteristics of Chinese physique. Two nearly 1,000-meter intermediate trails with 20 different slope changes make skiers above the elementary and intermediate level show their addiction to skiing; the relative drop of the advanced trail is 247 meters, the length is 1,200 meters, and the maximum slope is 40%. Ideal for advanced skiers.

      2 passenger ropeways, 1 magic carpet and 8 ski trails special towing equipment ensure sufficient transportation capacity; 3,100 sets of imported ski equipment, a wide ski hall, scientific management procedures and electronic toll collection system enable the daily reception of the ski resort The capacity can reach 6,000 person-times.

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Ski resorts facility

Freestyle ski park
1. Jundu Mountain Ski Resort Service Visitor Center provides ski equipment rental service. 2. Jundu Mountain Ski Resort Service Visitor Center provides rental of snow suits, lockers, helmets, etc. 3. Lease time: 08:00-22:00 (Monday to Sunday). 4. Cost: Snow suit 30 yuan/set, complete rental, locker 20 yuan/piece, helmet 30 yuan/piece, only Alipay/WeChat/UnionPay/visa/master/cash payment is supported. 5. Location of ski equipment rental service center: The service center is located in the center of the ski resort. 6. Special note: Pay a deposit of 50 yuan (cash) (refunded if returned without damage).

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Self-driving route

[Line 1]: Beijing-Tibet Expressway 30 exit Changping South Ring (Changping City)-South Ring Road-South Ring Bridge-after the bridge, turn left to Changcui Road Cui Village direction-Jundu Mountain Ski Resort

[Line 2]: Jingcheng Expressway 11 exit Changjin Road-Changping direction-Changjin Road and Ansi Road branch line intersection, turn right-Changcui Road, turn left to Cui Village direction-Jundu Mountain Ski Resort

[Line 3]: Litang Road-Ansi Road-Ansi Road Branch-Qinshang Road turn left to Cui Village direction-Jundu Mountain Ski Resort

[Line 4]: Mafang Exit of the Sixth Ring Road-Ansi Road-Ansi Road Branch-Qinshang Road turn left to Cui Village direction-Jundu Mountain Ski Resort

[Line 5]: Beijing-Xinjiang Expressway (G7) Baiquanzhuang Toll Station-Shuinan Road-South Ring Road-South Ring Road Bridge-turn left after crossing the bridge to the direction of Cui Village on Changcui Road-Jundu Mountain Ski Resort

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