Liaoning Panjin Beilu Tianyuan Ski Resort

South Gate of Lidu Community, Xinli Town, Dawa DisView on map

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Business hour:09:00-17:00
Open date:待定
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Beilv Tianyuan Scenic Area is located in Panjin City, Liaoning Province. Here, Beilv Tianyuan Scenic Area combines its own resources and regional characteristics to carefully create a characteristic tourist destination-"China's minus 5° Snow Town". Let every tourist who comes here experience a different Xuexiang tenderness.

  In the amusement park, we can sit on the snow circle and sprint down, or scream on the rotating snow carousel, or choose to ride a snowmobile, shuttle through the vast snow field, and experience the speed and passion of the wind. There are also snow mushrooms, ice and snow galleries, and magical dream homes. Let us find our childhood innocence in ice and snow fairy tales.

Projects in the park include: snow sceneries in Xuexiang, skiing, Song Dynasty characteristic performances, Song Dynasty crossing ancient streets, merry-go-round, go-kart, snow catching rabbits, snow car, snow flying elephant, snow carousel, swing machine, small train , Snow Bumper Cars, Sonic Waves, Snow Chariots, Shenzhou UFO, Crazy Disco, Fish Pond, Crab Fishing Pond, Yili Miwei Museum, Snow Wolf Mountain, Snow Drift Car, Children's Play Snow Paradise, Snow Yobo Ball, snow sled, snow climbing, snow swing, snow seesaw, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, animal feeding garden, wooden man country maze, racetrack, peacock square, snow fun bridge, sweet pig race, Projects such as flying peacocks, ice carts, ice hills, ice mountain wheelbarrows, ice mountain turning carts, ice drift cars, ice bikes, tractor snow rings, and children’s inflatable castles. (The above items are open depending on the weather and other factors) Dozens of ice and snow games.

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Freestyle ski park
(1) Snow banana boat 2 laps; (2) Snow chariot 2 laps; (3) Bumper cars on ice 3 minutes; (4) Land bumper cars 3 minutes (5) Carousel 3 minutes (6) Dumbo 3 Minutes (7) Snow carousel 3 minutes (8) Le bar car 3 minutes (9) Two laps of unpowered kart (10) Children's inflatable castle (only for children under 1.5 meters) (11) Glass maze (12) Trampoline ( 13) Big slide (14) Small train (15) Shaking

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Self-driving route:

Starting from Panjin City, enter Xinyu Line from Shiyou Street to Suwu Line and turn right 450 meters to Beilv Tianyuan


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