Gongchangling Ski Resort, Liaoyang, Liaoning

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Business hour:白天8:30-16:00,夜场可延至20:00
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**AAA-class tourist attraction Gongchangling Hot Spring Ski Resort is located in the Tanghe Scenic Area of Gongchangling, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 100 hectares. The northeast is 34 kilometers from Benxi City, the southwest is 35 kilometers from Anshan City, the northwest is 30 kilometers from Liaoyang City, and the north is 70 kilometers from Shenyang City. The natural conditions are unique. It is the longest ski resort in Liaoning Province, and also integrates tourism, fitness and entertainment. It is a large-scale leisure venue integrating leisure vacations and professional competitions, and it has also been designated as a youth outdoor sports camp in Liaoning Province by the Provincial Sports Bureau.

At present, the ski resort has various standard fields: 268 meters of snow circle field, 380 meters of children's field, 400 meters of sledge field, 600 meters of teaching field, 300 meters of snowmobile field, 400 meters long and 100 meters Four wide primary ski trails, a 1,300-meter-long, 120-meter-wide integrated ski trail, a 1,400-meter-long, 70-meter-wide international standard slalom ski trail, and a 1,000-meter-long, 50-meter-wide couple’s leisure ski trail. There are 10 tows and a 1,200-meter-long aerial ropeway with a carrying capacity of 5,000 people per hour. It has been recognized as the safest ski trail in the country by the China Ski Association. The snowmaking area is more than 650,000 square meters, and the ski pass has a height difference of 218 meters. The superior natural site and advanced and complete facilities can meet the skiing needs of 5000 tourists at the same time. The ski resort has also successfully held the Three Realm National Alpine Skiing Series and the 2007 "*Changling Cup" Ski Invitational Tournament in the three provinces of Northeast China. On January 21, 2007, the national mass skiing competition will also be held.

There is a hot spring leisure club in the comprehensive service building of the ski resort. The Japanese hot spring is open 24 hours. The water source is drawn from the world's second hot spring water-the hot spring of Tanghe. The water is clear and transparent, and the content of radon is as high as 1820. The characteristic open-air baths condense the essence of oriental garden art, and subtly integrate the ancient romance of Asian hot springs with the style of tomorrow's yellow flowers. The artistic conception of hot springs is also born from this. When you enjoy the hot springs to moisturize your skin, You can also enjoy the fitness posture of skiers! The ski resort’s Japanese-style hot springs are open 24 hours; the mountain top sightseeing coffee bar will let you appreciate the unique characteristics of the ski resort. There are 22 deluxe rooms in the resort hotel, the large conference room can accommodate 50 people for meetings; the large restaurant can accommodate 500 people at the same time, indoor cafes, and local snacks. When you finish your skiing addiction and take a hot spring bath, you will immediately feel fatigued and relaxed.

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Mountain top sightseeing coffee bar, Mongolian style garden, everywhere let you appreciate the unique characteristics of the ski resort. The large restaurant can accommodate 500 people at the same time, and the indoor cafe, flavor snacks, everything.

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The first route

Take the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway to Liaoyang North Exit, exit the expressway and walk straight into the urban area, and cross an overpass tunnel.

The location of the bridge hole where the car goes under the train above is called Beiyuan. After crossing the bridge hole, walk all the way to the end. Turn right at the T-shaped mouth and there is a signal light. Opposite the T-shaped mouth is the Beishao Decoration Material Market. After turning right, walk straight to the one commanded by the traffic police. Turn left at the big crossroad, next to the intersection is Yanshui Hotel, turn left and walk straight to a place called the land number, turn right, there is a signal light, a newly built road or follow the sign to Benxi, after passing the toll gate, it is about 30 A minute’s drive to Gongchangling is also called Anping. There are two electronic eyes in the middle (speed limit 70 for speeding). You don’t need to turn when you keep driving. After seeing Gongchangling Hotel, there is a T-shaped 30 meters in front of Gongchangling Hotel. Turn left at the entrance and go straight for about 200 meters. There is a Little Sheep Hot Pot on the left. Turn right there and the first intersection is the bridge. Then you drive for about 20 minutes and you will be at the main entrance of the ski resort.

The second route

Take Shenying Road, do not enter Liaoyang City, head towards Benxi (with signposts) and pass Gongchangling District Government, drive for about 15 minutes, and turn right when you encounter a gas station.

The third route

Take the Shendan Expressway, go to the direction of Liaozhong when you encounter the sign, get off at Gongchangling Station, and drive along the road for about 15 minutes when you encounter the gas station and turn right.


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