Miaozigou Ski Resort, Yanshan Lake, Chaoyang, Liao

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Business hour:09:00-16:30
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Chaoyang Miaozigou Ski Resort was built in 2012 for winter skiing and summer grass skiing. There are primary ski trails and intermediate ski trails for nearly 1,000 meters, with single and double skiing. In addition to skiing, there are also parent-child games such as snowmobiles, snow circles, and snow sculptures.

The ski resort is located in the center of the Yanshan Lake tourist area in Longcheng New District, Chaoyang City. It covers an area of 80 acres. It faces the beautiful and open waters of Yanshan Lake in front and the green hills of Daban Village, Dapingfang Town, Longcheng District. In the winter of 2012, private entrepreneur Yi Haisheng invested more than 20 million yuan to introduce internationally advanced snow-making equipment and new supporting service facilities, and built two professional and amateur ski slopes with a total length of more than 300 meters. It started operations on December 20th of that year, attracting visitors from Bafang ski enthusiasts. The completion of Miaozigou Ski Resort not only fills the gap of no ski resort in western Liaoning, but also optimizes the cultural industry structure of Chaoyang City. It changes the current situation of no tourism in Chaoyang in winter. It also provides an opportunity for people who love outdoor activities. It is a good place for skiing in winter, which effectively extends the economic development chain of the local tourism industry.

In the fall of this year, Yi Haisheng invested heavily again and expanded the intermediate ski trails, snow circle trails and outreach training halls to make the skiing project more complete and more complete. According to reports, the ski resort is 25 kilometers away from the urban area, with convenient transportation and beautiful natural scenery along the way. It forms a tourism economic circle with surrounding tourism resources such as Yulugou Mountain Villa and Yanshan Lake Scenic Area. It is a collection of children's playgrounds, fitness entertainment, and farmhouses. A large outdoor activity center with catering. At the same time, in order to meet the skiing needs of people of different age groups, the spacious ski hall has prepared a large number of ski equipment such as skis, ski laps, and snow frisbees for skiers; supporting facilities such as infirmaries and snow shops are being improved. Fully meet the various needs of consumers.

The snow mist from the snow machine fell on the snow road in the forest. It was really a world wrapped in silver. The ski resort is crowded with people, and the hot "popularity" is integrated into the white snow. Many ski enthusiasts who come to play are enthusiastically experiencing the joy and passion of flying in the snow. Yi Haisheng said: "Hundreds of people come to visit every day. The winter ice sculptures and snow cs projects we plan to create are under construction. By then, tourists will enjoy modern technology and large The beauty and magic of nature blending together.

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1. Bus route:

Chaoyang-Big Bungalow Bus

2. Self-driving route:

Leave from the second exit at Pearl River Plaza, enter Longshan Street, drive 9.1 kilometers along Longshan Street, and turn right after about 50 meters from the gas station


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