Dongfeng Lake Ice and Snow World in Benxi, Liaonin

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Business hour:周一-周日:日场9:00-17:00,夜场16:00-21:00。
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Benxi Dongfeng Lake Ice and Snow World is located in the southeast of Liaoning (East longitude 123°34'~125°46', North latitude 40°49'~41°35'), located in the hinterland of Liaodong Peninsula. The natural landform is "eight mountains, one water and half fields" , Half a road and a manor." It borders Shenyang and Fushun in the north, Dandong in the south, Liaoyang and Anshan in the west, and Jilin in the east. The annual average temperature is 6~8℃, and the average temperature in winter is 0~-5℃. It is your best choice for winter travel.

Benxi Dongfeng Lake Ice and Snow World is a national AA-level tourist attraction, 8 kilometers away from the urban area and covers an area of 380,000 square meters. It is the only comprehensive tourist area in Benxi with a large ski resort and ice entertainment area. It is a comprehensive ice and snow resort integrating catering, accommodation, leisure and entertainment.

Dongfeng Lake Ice and Snow World has become a first-class tourist ski resort in China, creating a boutique tourism brand, and comprehensively transforming the venues, facilities and service functions of Dongfeng Lake Ice and Snow World. The ice and snow tourism project is divided into several major sections.

Snow entertainment area: The original ski resort will be renovated and expanded this year. There are 1 advanced ski trail, 1 intermediate curve, 1 primary ski trail, 1 children's ski trail, and high, medium, and primary ski trails. One, and a new snowboard trail was built in 2008. Existing equipment: 1 double-person aerial chairlift, 2 towing ropeways, 1 small towing ropeway, 1,000 premium skis, 500 ski suits, and 800 snow laps. The daily reception capacity reaches 3,000 people, satisfying different requirements. Various needs of ski lovers.

Ice activity area: There are 7 snowmobiles, 4 snow karts, 10 snow horse riding, 4 horse-drawn sledges, 2 dog-pull sledges, 500 ice sledges, 500 ice gyros, ice skating Two lanes, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of ice and snow.

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①Ski resort: air cable 20 yuan; ②Ski hall: ski suit 30 yuan, storage box 10 yuan, hip pads 40 yuan (deposit 100 yuan), knee pads 40 yuan (deposit 100 yuan), ski goggles 35 yuan (deposit 100 yuan), helmet 35 yuan (a deposit of 100 yuan, and a helmet must be worn on the upper cable), single-board coach 180 yuan per hour (Chinese New Year's Day +20 yuan), double-board coach 2 hours 360 yuan (Chinese New Year's day +20 yuan); The second floor of the lobby: buffet 28 yuan (6 meat 6 vegetarian, 10 hot dishes and 2 cold dishes), wonton 10 yuan; ④Ice noodle project: four-wheel 20 yuan / circle, kart 20 yuan / circle, small train 10 yuan / 2 circle, Bumper car 10 yuan/5 minutes, tank 20 yuan/5 minutes, cyclone racing 20 yuan/lap, snowmobile 30 yuan/lap

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Self-driving route of Dongfeng Lake Ice and Snow World:

Shenyang-Shendan Expressway-(Highway 62 kilometers) Benxi Xiadao-(about 8 kilometers)-Benxi Dongfeng Lake Ski Resort (about 40 minutes by car).

Bus route of Dongfeng Lake Ice and Snow World:

There are individual passenger boarding stations in Shifu Square, Tiexi Square and Sanhao Street.


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