Skiing in Tongquan Hot Spring, Benxi, Liaoning

Sanhan Line, Mingshan District, Benxi City (TongquView on map

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Business hour:9:00-16:00,周日至周四 09:00-17:00,周五至周六 09:00-21:00
Open date:待定
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The Tongquan Alpine Ski Resort and the Wild Alpine Ski Resort cover an area of more than 200,000 square meters, and the total length of the slide is more than 1,800 meters. In the ski resort, children can learn on the primary slopes, and adults can compete on the intermediate and advanced slopes. At the same time, there are also ski lifts, aerial ropeways and snowmobiles, and a 1200 square meters ski hall. In addition, there are many interesting and renovated entertainment projects such as snow ring, ice skates, playing, horse sledge, sheep sledge, and dog sledge. This ski resort not only fills the blank of the winter tourism project in Mingshan District, but also ignites a fire in the winter for tourism in Benxi. Tongquan Ski Resort will also invest another 50 million yuan in the construction of alpine ski trails and alpine ski resort cable cars to form a large ski resort that can accommodate more than 500 people for skiing activities at the same time.

Located in the embrace of the mountains, Tongquan Leisure Village in Wolong Town, Benxi City covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with a construction area of 6,000 square meters. The spacious and bright large indoor swimming pool, gym, table tennis, and billiards will make you relax Forget the tiredness of the city in the leisure and entertainment. The three large, medium and small meeting rooms with modern facilities are suitable for various meetings. 48 ordinary rooms, 40 standard rooms, can accommodate 400 people for accommodation and dining. Covering an area of 1000 square meters, the unique physiotherapy effect of hot spring water has been accepted and loved by many people who care about health. Tongquan Swimming Center has invested heavily in the introduction of 30,000 Turkish hot spring kiss fish from Hainan. In the hot spring swimming pool, this is the first fish spa in Benxi City.

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Self-driving route

Take Shen-Ben Expressway and go straight down Benxi Road for 10 kilometers. See the sign and turn right.

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Benxi Tongquan Alpine Ski Resort is located in Sanjiazi Village, Wolong Town, Mingshan District, Benxi City, 18 kilometers away from Benxi City, 10 kilometers away from Benxi Expressway, and 60 kilometers away from Shenyang. It is a large-scale, well-equipped and fully functional outdoor mountain in the province. ski facility.


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