Kuandian Tianqiaogou Ski Resort, Dandong, Liaoning

Tianqiaogou National Forest Park, Liming Village,View on map

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Business hour:8:00-16:00
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Tianqiaogou Ski Resort is located in Tianqiaogou Forest Park Scenic Area. It is located on the branch of Changbai Mountain’s Laoling, on the golden ski belt of 41 degrees north latitude, and at the same latitude as the famous ski resort-the Alps. The snow season is long, the amount of snow is large, the quality of snow is pure, and the snow scenes are in various shapes and forms. It is like a fairy tale world. It is an ideal place for snow appreciation, snow tasting and skiing.

The ski resort is divided into three levels: high, middle, and junior, with a total of four ski trails. A single ski trail is 2.19 kilometers long, and the total length of the ski trail is about 5.17 kilometers. Two of the difficult ski trails, with a slope of 52.5 degrees, an altitude of about 1100 meters, and a drop of more than 500 meters, will bring you thrills and thrills!

The ski hall in the ski resort is located in the center of the ski resort valley and is fully functional. The coffee house stands at a higher altitude above the mountains, and selects the finest coffees, allowing you to watch the forest and snowy fields on the top of the mountain, experience the speed and passion, and appreciate the magnificent beauty of the mountains. The ski resort is equipped with imported snow cannons, snow trucks and other snow-making and snow-pressing equipment, providing complete technical support for building high-end ski resorts. In winter, the ski resort also sets up snow play areas, horse-drawn sleds and ice skating rinks, which integrate fun and entertainment, so that skiing is no longer monolithic and diversified entertainment projects to meet the needs of different tourists.

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1. Dandong Tianqiaogou Ski Service Center provides ski equipment rental services. 2. Dandong Tianqiaogou Ski Service Center provides ski wear, lockers, and cable car rental. 3. Lease time: 08:00-16:00. (Monday to Sunday). 4. Cost: Cable car 30 yuan/person, snow suit 60 yuan/set, and locker 30 yuan/unit. WeChat Alipay is not supported and will be deducted from the ski deposit. 5. Location of the service center: The ski service center is located at the front desk of the ski resort; 6. Special instructions: You can swipe your card to receive the ski deposit. WeChat and Alipay are not supported.

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Bus route: There is a through train to the ski resort at the entrance of Dandong Yalujiang Building, Shenyang Huyue Express Bus, and Kuandian Bus Terminal.

   Self-driving route:

  1. Kuandian: Take the long railway line to Guanshui Town and transfer to the Huangai line to Tianqiaogou Ski Resort. The whole journey is 58 kilometers, about 1 hour.

  2, Dandong: From Heda Expressway to Kuandian Town, get off at Kuandiankou Expressway and pass through Guanshui Town to Tianqiaogou Ski Resort. The whole journey is 141 kilometers, about 2 hours.

  3. Shenyang: Take the Danfu Expressway and transfer to Benhuan Line in Benxi City to pass Xiaoshi, Jichang and Balidian. From Balidian, turn right to Tianqiaogou Ski Resort. The whole journey is 220 kilometers and takes about 4 hours. Or take the Shenji Expressway through Fushun City to Nanzamu Town and turn to Futong Expressway, turn Yongling Expressway at Yongling Town, get off the expressway at Huajianzi Town, pass by Balidianzi Town, and arrive at Tianqiaogou Ski Resort. Most of this section is in Highway, it’s not easy to go wrong. The whole journey is 249 kilometers, about 4 hours.


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