Huaiyang Ice and Snow World in Dandong, Liaoning

39 Xinxing Street, Longmu Village, Tongxing Town,View on map

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Business hour:9:00-16:30
Open date:待定
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Binhai Huaiyang Ice and Snow World is located in the Huaiyang Hot Spring Resort on the outer ring road of Tongxing Town, Zhen'an District, Dandong. The project covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters. The Binhai Huaiyang Ice and Snow World Project is invested and constructed by Dandong Binhai Construction Group. A large-scale ice and snow amusement project in the suburbs, which integrates professional skiing, ice and snow entertainment, and outdoor development. The luxurious villa area, Huaiyang specialty restaurants, professional tennis clubs and other supporting facilities are all available. The hot spring world that echoes with it creates spring in winter. The two major projects of ice and snow hot springs are combined together to create a tourist resort-Binhai Huaiyang Hot Spring Resort, a tourist resort where ice and snow entertainment and hot spring health complement each other.

The ski resorts all use imported snow-making equipment and professional ski vehicles. The snow is soft and feels like a felt blanket. The humanized safety protection facilities are all over the ski resort. There is a 110-meter-long primary ski track, a 200-meter-long intermediate ski trail and The 200-meter-long bumpy and stimulating snow trails are juxtaposed and complement each other; the two magic carpets with automatic heating and cycling make a beautiful scenery. Binhai Huaiyang Ice and Snow World’s Snow Paradise is equipped with bumper cars, snow tanks, snow excavators, snow scooters, sledge trucks, drift cars, snow spinning, snow spinning tops, children’s happy islands, etc. It meets the ice and snow entertainment needs of different groups of people and can be called an ice and snow carnival with a high degree of entertainment participation. The well-known ski instructors all over the country gave live demonstrations and gave pointers. Beginners learn to ski and enjoy the unique charm of skiing in ice and snow entertainment. The leisure service hall of the ski resort provides warm winter service for ice and snow lovers

Binhai Huaiyang Villa Hotel is composed of 28 villas with different decoration styles. Each villa is nearly 500 square meters. The room types include four-bedroom villas, five-bedroom villas, seven-bedroom villas, executive villas, couples villas, etc. Each household has 150 square meters. Underground entertainment room, 7-meter empty large living room, independent dining room, kitchen, nanny room and courtyard, garden, independent garage, etc. Binhai Huaiyang Villa District relies on natural mountain views, perfect combination of openness and privacy, and pursues the new aristocratic style of "like nature". The hotel perfectly combines Chinese butler service with star-rated resort hotels to create a new service model for holiday villa hotels. The guest rooms provide refrigerators, LCD TVs, wake-up services, customized meal delivery services, intelligent WIFI services throughout the house, and private tennis training services. A number of value-added services such as ski and skating personal training, so that every guest staying in the hotel can feel the natural, noble, elegant, peaceful and comfortable environment here

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There are bumper cars, snow tanks, snow excavators, snow scooters, sledge trucks, drift cars, snow spinning, snow spinning tops, children's happy island, etc.

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Self-driving route:

Dandong City-Zhenxing District Urban Road-Dan Long Line-Same Third Line-End

Bus route:

Take the ring road in the city and get off at Huaiyang Villa


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