Laojunding Ski Resort

Fangzhuang Village, Shimenzhai Town, Haigang DistrView on map

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Business hour:9:30-16:00,16:00停止入场,详情以景区公示为准
Open date:12月14日-次年3月5日,详情以景区公示为准
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Although Laojunding in winter is not as lush as summer, the winter scenery of Laojunding is also unique and unique. In the cold winter, Laojunding Scenic Area makes full use of river resources and builds a natural ice skating rink and ski resort according to the situation, turning it into a beautiful ice and snow world and a place for playing on ice. In 2017, the Laojunding Scenic Spot took advantage of the second Provincial Tourism Development Conference, and the infrastructure was upgraded and upgraded, and the scenic spot looked completely new. The ice and snow season is coming again, Laojunding Scenic Area has invested in the renovation of the ice and snow park, the expansion of the ice and snow field, with a total area of square meters, and sufficient ice skating and ski equipment for tourists to play.

On December 22, 2016, Laojunding's first "Ice and Snow Carnival" kicked off, where visitors experienced the "most joyous, most exciting, most exciting, and most romantic" ice and snow entertainment project. On December 22, 2017, the second Laojunding "Ice and Snow Carnival" carnival season in Qinhuangdao will start. The event will last until March 5th, spanning the three golden holidays of Christmas, New Year's Day, and Spring Festival. Bring your family to build snowmen, play snowballs, and roll snowballs on the ground, and launch interesting and novel snow projects. Laojunding Ice and Snow Carnival Snow Fun Park is divided into three play areas: play area, ice play area, and children play area. Classic projects include bumper cars on ice, happy sleds, ice skates, ice carts, etc. On this basis, new ice and snow projects include ice climbing, parent-child vehicles, ice bikes, snowmobiles, snow chariots, and snowmobiles. , Ice slides, etc. This year Laojunding Scenic Area will bring you a different ice and snow experience, let us declare war on extreme cold, Laojunding is waiting for you!

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Bus route: Take 820 directly to the scenic spot from Haiyang Road Bus Station in Qinhuangdao

Bus frequency: 6:50 7:20 in the morning; 13:30 14:20 in the afternoon

Self-driving route: Laojunding Scenic Area can be reached along Provincial Highway 251


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