Beijing Haidian Hot Spring Ice and Snow Sports Par

No. 11, Shuangpo Road, Wenquan Town, Haidian DistrView on map

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Business hour:11月22日-次年2月28日,周一-周五9:00-17:30;周六、周日9:00-21:30;3月1日-11月21日,暂时停业。
Open date:11月22日-次年2月28日
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The Hot Spring Ice and Snow Sports Park is located at No. 11 Shuangpo Road, Hot Spring Town, Haidian. It is an innovative urban sports complex planned to be built on the original base of Jinhui Ski Resort. Covering an area of 670,000 square meters, it is surrounded by mountains on three sides and is connected to Xiangshan Mountain. It is only a 30-minute drive from Zhongguancun.

   The snow-making area of ski trails reaches 130,000 square meters, including three primary ski trails, with a ski slope area of 19,000 square meters, a per capita area of 50 square meters, and a peak capacity of 380 people; two grade ski trails with a ski area of 64,000 square meters and a per capita area of 70 square meters. The peak capacity of the ski slope is 915 people; one high-grade ski slope, with an area of 14,000 square meters, per capita area of 80 square meters, and a peak capacity of 175 people; one snow ring road (children’s entertainment), with a slope area of 16,700 square meters, with an average area of 50 square meters. The peak capacity of the slope is 334 people. The ski resort is equipped with professional ski instructors, hired from the top domestic ski training school-Magic Academy. Founded in 2014, the academy is mainly engaged in ski training and teaching, and introduced the American PSIA-AASI ski teaching system. It is the first school officially certified by the American Ski Instructor Association. There are Magic Ski Academy, Magic Navigation Academy, Magic Outdoor Academy and so on.

   The ski equipment of the ski resort includes single boards, double boards, snow shoes, poles, etc., provided by the world's largest winter equipment manufacturer ROSSIGHOL (Rossighol) and the old German sports brand Volk (VOLKL). The ski has excellent torsion resistance, edge grip and shock absorption, ensuring stability, safety and comfort during sliding.

   Skiing, extreme mountain biking, skating and other sports can be carried out in the non-snow season.

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At Daoxianghu Station of Metro Line 16, there is a circular shuttle bus from 8:40 am to 17:00 pm (tentative) daily.


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