Heilongjiang Harbin Maoer Mountain Ski Resort

Team 4, Dafangzi Village, Maoershan Town, ShangzhiView on map

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Harbin Institute of Physical Education Maoershan Ice and Snow Teaching Base Xiaoshan Ski Resort is located in Maoershan Town, Shangzhi City, 88 kilometers away from Harbin City. It covers an area of 600,000 square meters. It is rich in vegetation and undulating mountains. Abundant, pleasant climate, verdant pines and white snow in winter is a natural ski recreation area. After years of continuous construction, the Xiaoshan Ski Resort integrates ski teaching, training, scientific research, tourism, and catering. The construction of the Maoershan Hill Ski Resort has strengthened the ice and snow characteristics of our hospital and developed it into a multi-functional four-season resort with winter skiing as the main feature, taking into account teaching and training, competition, fitness, and recreation.

   Matching with the ski trails, there are a total of 6-person hoisting boxes and 4-person heated hybrid suspension ropeways in the alpine ski resort; 1 double chair-type ropeway; 1 T-handle drag-type ropeway; pull rod pull-type ropeway One, the total length of the ropeway reaches 3250 meters. The newly built primary ski trail is 130 meters wide and 870 meters long. The advanced ski trail has a relative length of 1600 meters, a drop of 300 meters and a maximum slope of 4 meters. It is an ideal ski trail for testing high-level skiers. Abundant forest resources and snow resources make the Alpine Ski Resort of the Second Campus a national ice and snow training base for college students and a national snowboard training base. It was identified by Heilongjiang Province as the venue for the 2009 World University Winter Games, and is the country's competitive skiing and tourism development. The best place for skiing.

   The imported snow-making equipment purchased by the ski resort effectively guarantees the normal operation of the ski resort. As one of the important tourist resorts in Heilongjiang Province, it has successfully held ski competitions for employees across the province for many times, and was listed as a winter ice and snow training base for primary and secondary schools by the Provincial Department of Education. , Is the athlete village of the 2009 World University Winter Games.

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The training venue is not for profit, so ski prices are relatively low. Bring your own skis for about 160 yuan a day, and discounts are available if you have a club travel agency.

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①Ha-A Expressway—Get off the Maoershan Expressway—turn right after passing the toll station—turn right when you see the gas station—go straight and you’re there

②Maoershan Passenger Transport Station—Hashang Line—X004—Drive along X004 for 1.6 kilometers—to the end (on the right side of the road)


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