Shanxi Wulaofeng International Ski Resort

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Business hour:08:30~17:00
Open date:12月中旬-次年3月
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Yuncheng Wulaofeng International Ski Resort is the only large-scale international ski resort in the "Golden Triangle" of the Yellow River in Qin, Jin and Yu. It is built on the basis of the original ecological forest mountain area and surrounded by forests. It is a place that integrates sightseeing, entertainment, skiing, leisure and fitness. A large-scale comprehensive leisure place integrating snow and snow play. Wulaofeng International Ski Resort covers an area of 200,000 square meters. It can ski in winter and grass skiing in spring, summer and autumn. There are 1500, 600, and 500 meters long and 200 meters wide high, medium and primary ski trails; 300 meters long and 50 meters wide snow circle trails and children's play areas, which can accommodate 5000 people for skiing at the same time. The ski resort has a number of imported snow machines, snow blowers and other mechanical equipment, and is equipped with a high-altitude cableway ferris wheel, a magic carpet on the ground, etc., and a snow lawn covered. It is a high-standard modern international skiing for your winter skiing, spring, summer and autumn skiing. Ski (grass) field. Safe, comfortable and humanized management make ski lovers and beginners enjoy themselves.

The ski resort has specially hired senior ski instructors, who are all certified to work, and provide on-site guidance to escort every skier's skiing safety. The powerful stadium lighting system and all-round sound system in the night stadium are a good place for people to release their mood after work. When the night falls, the moonlight and lights are splashed on the silver snow, like a pearl dotted on the edge of the dragon vein, let You are here to enjoy the unlimited skiing fun that nature provides you. It is novel, exciting, fashionable and romantic, and has all the auxiliary facilities. There are also restaurants, hotels and other rest places in the ski resort to provide high-quality and convenient services for tourists and friends.

The ski resort also has a variety of snow entertainment and snow activities such as snow flies, snowmobiles, snow bikes, snow sledges, snowmen, snowball fights, ice slides, and yo-bo balls. Wulaofeng International Ski Resort is 12 kilometers away from Yongji City, 40 kilometers away from Yuncheng City, Sanmenxia, Huayin, Weinan, Linfen, Houma, and Hejin by car in about an hour. There are special-line buses in Yongji and Yuncheng districts that can directly reach the ski resort. Sanmenxia and other cities have scenic through trains. The scenic area is equipped with a large parking lot with 1,500 parking spaces. The ski resort has a unique geographical location , So that the majority of ski enthusiasts no longer worry about the rugged mountain roads and the inconvenient transportation to the scenic spot, allowing you to enjoy the cool skiing experience.

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Freestyle ski park
1. The ski hall of Wulaofeng Ski Resort provides ski equipment rental service. 2. The ski hall of Wulaofeng Ski Resort provides rental of snow shoes, snow suits, snow boards, cabinets, etc. 3. Lease time: 08:30-17:30. (Monday to Sunday). 4. Costs: (1) Snowboards, snow shoes, and snowball fights are free; (2) 10 yuan cabinet usage fee, ski deposit 200 yuan. Only Alipay/WeChat/UnionPay/visa/master/cash payment is supported. 5. Location of the ski hall: the entrance of the ski resort. 6. Special instructions: (1) Just return the skis to the rental point after skiing. (2) Only rented in Wulaofeng Ski Resort.

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Self-driving route:

Yongji City

1) From the starting point to the east, drive 150 meters along Shifu Street, go straight into Shifu East Street, drive 1.2 kilometers along Shifu East Street, turn right into Donghuan Road, drive 1.3 kilometers along Donghuan Road, left Go to S336

2) Drive 12.8 kilometers along S336, turn right, drive 3.3 kilometers, turn right ahead, drive 2.2 kilometers, and reach the end point.


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