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Ski resorts brief

At the end of 2010, an international theme plaza integrating skiing, shopping and leisure will stand in Wendu Water City, a tourist resort in northern Beijing. It will become another landmark in Beijing after the Bird's Nest, Water Cube and Pangu Grand View. It completely adopts modern architectural methods. This large-scale theme entertainment and leisure plaza adheres to the purpose of "leisure" and is linked to the theme of water city tourism.

    Wendu Shuicheng Ski Resort is the first large-scale rooftop ski resort in Beijing. The huge rooftop ski resort has a total construction area of 116,670 square meters, with two floors underground and five floors above ground, with a height of 29.5 meters, and 13 floors in some parts, with a height of 63.80 meters.  

      The roof of the project is wavy, high in the north and low in the south. There are three slides. The height of the primary slide is 10.5 meters, the length of the slide is more than 50 meters, the height of the intermediate slide is 25.2 meters, and the length of the slide is more than 85 meters. The height of the road is 37.8 meters and the length is more than 140 meters.

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Freestyle ski park
Provide ski equipment (single board, double board), ski laps, snowmobiles, horse-drawn sleds, dog sleds, snowball fights and snowmen. The ski resort is equipped with night skiing, ice sculpture, snow sculpture, snow fireworks show and so on.

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1. Bus route

1. 607 Road (Heping East Bridge-Hongfuyuan Community West), get off at Hongfuyuan Community Station

2. BRT 3 (Andingmen-Wendu Shuicheng) Get off at Wendu Shuicheng Station

3. Get off at Hongfuyuan Community Station, Changping 22 Road (Jiayun Park-Shaoling Village)

4. Get off at Pingxi Mansion Station at No. 996 (City Railway West Second Banner-Pingxi Wangfu)

5. 966 Road (outside Dongzhimen-Pingxi Wangfu) to Pingxifu Station

6. Take Metro Line 5 to Tiantongyuan Station and take BRT 3 to Wendu Water City

2. Self-driving route

1. Go east from the Huilongguan exit of Badaling Expressway to the east side of Huilongguan Community for 1km

2. Go east from Bei'anhe Exit of Badaling Expressway, 10 minutes drive from Dingsi Road, 7 kilometers

3. North of the Asian Games Village, 2 kilometers westward at the intersection of Litang Road and Pingxifu Road

4 —— 8 kilometers westward from Houshayu Exit of Jingcheng Expressway


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