Guaipo International Ski Resort、Shenyang、Liaoning

No. 80, Guaipo Road, Guaipo Scenic Area, EconomicView on map

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Business hour:08:30-21:00
Open date:待定
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Shenyang Guaipo Ski Resort is located in the Guaipo Scenic Area of Shenbei New District, 25 kilometers away from the urban area. The Shenyang Railway 102 National Road and Shenha Expressway can reach the ski resort. The ski resort covers an area of more than 500 acres, and the total ski slope area after completion is 200,000 square meters. It is currently the largest ski resort in Shenyang. The ski resort has two advanced ski trails, two intermediate ski trails, two primary ski trails, one flying saucer trail, one single and double board park, and it is equipped with a single U-shaped groove, cat jump, aerial skills training field, etc. An ice and snow entertainment area of 50,000 square meters has been opened up especially for tourists who like it. The wide snow field can meet 4,000 people for skiing at the same time, the highest daily reception capacity can reach 8,000 people, and the annual sales are nearly 10 million yuan. The ski resort’s VIP lounges, Chinese and Western restaurants, coffee shops, ski shops, supermarkets and other service facilities provide first-class services to skiers at any time.

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Freestyle ski park
1. Shenyang Guaipo Ski Service Center provides ski equipment rental services. 2. Shenyang Guaipo Ski Service Center provides rental services such as refrigerators, helmets, snow goggles, hip pads, knee pads, wrist pads, and refrigerators. 3. Lease time: 08:30-16:30. (Monday to Sunday). 4. Cost: (1) Free: Snowboard, snowshoes, snowball fight, a deposit of 200 yuan/person is required. (2) Fees: Helmet 30 yuan/person/day, snow mirror 50 yuan/person/day, hip pads 30 yuan/person/day, knee pads 30 yuan/person/day, wrist guards 20 yuan/person/day, mandatory for scenic spots The insurance is 5 yuan/person, and the refrigerator is 10 yuan/person/day. 5. Ski equipment rental service center location: Shenyang Guaipo International Ski Resort Service Center 6. Special instructions: return the ski equipment to the rental site after skiing, if there are no other cancellations Edit Remove Add Facilities

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1. Self-driving route:

Route 1: Shifu Square-Guangyi Street-9.18 Memorial-Wanghua Street-Hushitai Street-Xinchengzi turn right-102 National Road turn left-go straight-Guaipo International Ski Resort

Route 2: Huigong Square-Lianhe Road-Shen Railway-Yulin Street-Huishan Street-102 National Road-Guaipo International Ski Resort

2. Bus route:

Route 1: Bus No. 383, starting station: Northeast Main Road (Orthopedic Hospital) to the main entrance of Guaipo Scenic Area

Route 2: Take bus No. 326, 328 or 382 and get off at the south gate of Xinchengzi Market, then transfer to a small bus from Xinchengzi to Qingshuitai. There is a ski resort on the roadside of Qingshuitai Hospital.


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