Langya Mountain Shimen Ski Resort, Baoding, Hebei

Dongxishui Village, Langyashan Town, Yi County, BaView on map

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Business hour:9:00-17:00(仅冬季开放,以实际开放时间为准)
Open date:2018年12月20日-2019年2月28日(仅冬季开放,以实际开放时间为准)
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Langya Mountain Ski Resort has 10 ski trails and one snowboard park. There are 1 snow ring road, 1 beginner road, 2 beginner roads, 2 intermediate roads and snow play areas, which are available for tourists to choose freely. The design of the snow roads is unique and combines artificial snowmaking with natural snowfall. The slide is rich, the form is changeable, the sliding method is changeable, thrilling, safe and reliable. At the same time, it is equipped with various types of ski equipment and more complete entertainment facilities, including dog sleds, wooden plows, snow zorbs, northeast style garden and other snow entertainment projects. The ice waterfall group is based on the Langya Mountain Ski Resort and the Langya Mountain Snow Rubik's Cube with the theme of snow appreciation and ice exhibition. Layers of icicles spread around, time seems to have stagnated here, everything retains the style of winter. There is also an indoor children’s interactive area, where you can not only experience the parent-child happiness of the ice and snow world in the ski resort, but also enjoy the innocence fun here.

Langya Mountain Ski Resort is located by the Longmen Lake at the foot of Langya Mountain, covering an area of about 100,000 square meters, 45 kilometers from downtown Baoding, 110 kilometers from Beijing, 170 kilometers from Tianjin, and 150 kilometers from Shijiazhuang. The superior location makes it a unique playground.

In order to effectively increase the tourist attraction and influence of Langya Mountain Scenic Area and even Yi County, Yi County started the construction of Langya Mountain Longmen Lake Ski Resort at the beginning of the year. The ski resort fills the gaps in winter sports tourism projects in Yixian and even Baoding, and makes the Great Langya Mountain tourist area form a four-season stable tourism economic belt and new economic growth points

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Freestyle ski park
Snow banana boat (20 yuan/time), snow motorcycle (50 yuan/circle), four-wheel drive (80 yuan/circle), the charges are subject to the scenic spot

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Self-driving route:

①From Tianjin: From Tianjin Yangliuqing toll station, get on the Jinbao Expressway—Jinbao and Beijing-Zhuhai Interchange, go to the Jingzhu Expressway (Beijing direction)—Go down the highway at Gaobeidian, and go west along the highway for 3 kilometers—turn the island right Travel 1.5 kilometers—around the island and go west for half a week—National Highway 112—Laishui County—Yixian County—Continue westward along the 112 National Highway to the west railway crossing of the county seat (but the railway), turn left and go west, cross the Beiyishui Bridge, and follow Yi (county) Man (Chengxian) Road to the southwest for 45 kilometers to reach the bottom of Langya Mountain, drive uphill to the Langya Mountain parking lot

②From Shijiazhuang: (Route 1) Shijiazhuang-Baoding-Mancheng-Tuonan-Dule-Lingdong-Langya Mountain / (Route 2) Shijiazhuang-Baoding-Mancheng-Shanbei-Dule-Lingdong-Langya mountain

③Baoding to Langya Mountain: (Route 1) Baoding-Mancheng-Shanbei-Dule-Lingdong-Langya Mountain / (Route 2) Baoding-Mancheng-Shijing-Tuonan-Dule-Lingdong-Langya mountain

Bus route:

①Take Laiyuan coach from Baoding Passenger Transport Center

②Take a bus from Yixian Station to Langya Mountain in the morning or take the shuttle bus from Yixian to Guantou and get off at Lingdong and take a taxi.


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