Qipanshan Ice and Snow World in Shenyang, Liaoning

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Business hour:白天滑雪:08:30-16:30夜间滑雪:16:30-22:00
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Qipanshan Ice and Snow World is located in the Qipanshan Scenic Area in the northeast of Shenyang, 17 kilometers away from the urban area. It is a scenic spot for winter ice and snow tourism in Shenyang, and is also the venue of the annual China Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival.

The Qipanshan Ice and Snow World is densely forested, with undulating mountains and vast ice, covering an area of 500,000 square meters. Snow flies here every winter, everything is white, and it has a snowy atmosphere. In winter, the daytime temperature here is between -15°C and -5°C throughout the year, and the snow quality is good. The Qipanshan Ice and Snow World has become a large-scale ice and snow leisure place with abundant projects and complete facilities in the Northeast. More than 30 activities featuring sports, entertainment, thrills and excitement have been opened in the scenic spot. The ice and snow activities in the scenic area are divided into two areas:

The southern area is an alpine ski area, with 1000-meter, 800-meter, 600-meter-long alpine skiing areas and 500-meter-long ski trails. The 200-meter-long children’s ski practice range is equipped with two pull-up ski lifts, a 1,016-meter alpine tube-rail slide, and time-space swivel chairs, snow rings and other fashionable items. There are also two large ski storage depots with a building area of 2,000 square meters in the ski area. There are ski suit rentals, tourist souvenir shops, storage, and infirmaries.

The North District uses the ice surface of Xiuhu Lake to build a 400-meter-long international standard ice skating rink, a children’s playground, a racetrack, a camel park, horse sledges, monkey sledges, sheep sledges, dog sledges, ice sledges, ice sculptures, snow-climbing mountains and tug-of-war Events such as competitions. There are also snowmobiles, children's snowmobiles, go-karts, various racing cars, snow plane manned paramotors, multiple ice and snow slides, fireworks and firecrackers, dining and entertainment areas. In the 1,300-square-meter ice and snow activity complex, there are high- and mid-range restaurants, fast food, VIP rooms, visitor centers and other facilities of different grades.

Tips: In addition to entertainment, Ice and Snow World also has many snow sculptures and ice sculptures. When skiing, you can take the alpine cable car to the starting point of the mountain, and at the same time you can climb up to enjoy the scenery of the Northland covered with snow and ice. Snow World is open for night skiing, so ski lovers may wish to experience a different experience of the snow field during the day.

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1. After getting off at Shenyang Station, you can take No. 168 to Ma Lu Ben.

2. At the Long Passenger Terminal, you can take the 245 bus and get off at Zhulin Bridge. Transfer to bus 330 to Qipanshan Scenic Area.

Road 168: Maluwan, Erjing Street, Daxibianmen, Huaxin Car Rental Company, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Dananmen, Dadongmen, Xiaodongmen, Xiaojin Bridge, Zhulin Bridge, 2001, Northeast Automobile Trade, Shenyang Agricultural University, Tanglin Park, Hou Lingbao, Shenyang Aoyuan, Botanical Garden, Shangmantang, Xiamantang, Xiaodonggou, Xiamutun, Zhongmutun, Shangmutun, Qipanshan Park, Forest Zoo, Huishan Leisure square

Self-driving tour guide

To reach Shenyang City by plane or train, you can change to bus No. 168 and No. 331 to reach the Qipanshan Ski Resort.

Qipan Mountain is located in the northeast of Shenyang City, 17 kilometers away from the urban area. It can be reached by bus 168 or 331.


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